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With the threat of COVID-19, teachers, students and parents are on edge, worrying about the health and wellbeing of their children and their families. The stress that this places on teachers is greatly magnified, as they not only worry about the health and safety of their own families, but also the health and safety of their students.

As many schools prepare to deal with possible closures due to COVID-19,  they are requiring their teachers to write sub (lesson) plans for as many as 10 to 15 days! Writing plans for a one-day absence is a daunting task, but writing them for up to 2 to 3 weeks is completely overwhelming!  Martina Bex blogged about possible school closures last week, and since that post, some schools have already closed! Several have contacted Fluency Matters asking for help and/or advice on how to keep their students connected to meaningful CI (comprehensible input) during the closure and/or what to do in terms of creating a multi-day lesson plan.

To help with this undertaking, Fluency Matters is offering FREE 15 day E-learning options for teachers and students who are facing school closures due to COVID-19. We have created several FREE 15-day E-courses and E-books to keep students in contact with the target language AND to help teachers create lesson plans in the event that their school faces a closure. The 15-day subscriptions include the ability to upload a list of students (no limit to the number), give learners access to print and audio versions of the Fluency Matters Comprehension-based™ reader, and in the case of E-courses, also provide learners with hours of additional CI via engaging activities and quizzes. Teachers will get automatic grade reports and have the ability to track student progress throughout the course.

We recommend that teachers use Fluency Matters Teacher’s Guide samples to help organize and lay out lesson plans ahead of time. Then if your school closes, we will set you and your students up with a Free 15-day e-learning subscription AND provide you with a clean copy of the first chapter of the corresponding teacher’s guide.

Martina Bex has also generously offered free lesson plans. In fact, she is the one who inspired us to help teachers by providing low-stress options for creating lesson plans and keeping students in contact with the Target Language. Many thanks to Martina for  leading the way and to our colleagues for their never-ending care and concern for their students. Together we will defeat COVID-19 and help our students acquire language in the process. In the meantime, we’ll hold all those affected in our thoughts and prayers.

*Free 21-day E-learning modules only available for select titles and only for schools facing possible or actual closure due to COVID-19. Maximum 1 title per level, 2 titles per teacher. This offer is not transferable or exchangeable and has no redeemable cash value. All free 21-day e-books/e-courses must be initiated at the time of purchase / at the time of school closure. E-learning modules can not be banked for future use and all 21-day E-learning modules  must be used by April 30, 2020. Proof of (possible) closure must be submitted to (A photo or scan of written correspondence or forwarded email from your school or district is sufficient.) To select your e-course(s), log into your account. Select the e-learning module and specify the number of students. At checkout, select PO as your payment method, and confirm your order. Your order will be confirmed as soon as we confirm your potential closure.

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  • lesleyjorge
    Posted at 08:40h, 16 March

    Merci Mille Fois! I have shared with resource with my entire department!

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