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How to print and assemble the flap book

Capítulos 1-2

Galápagos, Ecuador, las islas encantadas 

Las Islas Galápagos 

National Geographic Photos Galápagos 

10 Curiosidades de las Islas Galápagos 

National Geographic article Galápagos, el paraíso de las islas

Capítulos 3-4

Tortugas Galápagos News Report

National Geographic Liberan 190 tortugas gigantes 

National Geographic cruise Lindblad Expeditions

Capítulos 5-6

Rancho Primicias

Rancho Primicias blog

Rancho Primicias:

Capítulos 7-8

Isla Santiago 360 

Isla Santiago

Capítulos 9-10

Images Volcán Pan de azúcar

Capítulo 11

Agua dulce en las islas

Article, tourist rescued 

Tourist rescued

Dr. Frank Sulloway’s story that inspired the book

Capítulos 12-13



Capítulo 14

Sonia suffered from Rhabdomyolysis because of the extreme temperature and dehydration she was facing. Dr. Sulloway’s fellow traveler had to be flown back to the US for treatment of this disorder after their 51 hours on the lava.  

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