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Note: Please view all videos in their entirety before sharing them with students 

Capítulo 1 

Nat Geo Article and Video on Bee jobs in Spanish, Video in English with Spanish subtitles 

Infographic on Bee jobs in Spanish

Monarchies from around the world Article in Spanish

 Young monarchs from around the world Article in Spanish

An introduction to bees video for children in Spanish

Capítulo 2 

Article on flowers that attract bees in Spanish

Article on bee predators in Spanish

A news clip on Bee hotels in Spanish

Nat Geo webpage about bees in Spanish

Children’s article on bees featuring a Sesame Street video in Spanish

Capítulo 3 

An article on interesting facts about mango trees in Spanish

Trying rare fruits video in Spanish

Article and map on the origins of our food in Spanish

A website on mangos in Spanish

A video on how trees talk to one another in English

Capítulo 4 

An article on bee communication and pheromones in English

News clip on different types of mangoes in Spanish

Capítulo 5 

Video on how bees make honey in English

Interactive website with deforestation trackers and maps in English and Spanish versions are available 

Website on deforestation includes several infographics in English

Article on deforestation in Latin America in Spanish

Capítulo 6 

Article on Día del trabajo in Latin America in Spanish

Video and article on how bees protect their hives in English

Video on how honeybees get their jobs in English

Capítulo 7 

Website page on the oranges of Spain in Spanish and English

Vlog of shopping for fruits in Spain in Spanish

News clip on the orange festival in Malaga Spain in Spanish

Illustration of the anatomy of an orange in Spanish

Video on pollination in Spanish

Capítulo 8 

Website on the ecosystems of NYC parks in English

Website with infographics on creating a bee friendly garden in English

A video on the life of a beekeeper in Spanish

A children’s TV short on what it’s like to be a beekeeper in Spanish

A list of the best parks in Latin America in Spanish

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