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You may want to project a map showing Acadian establishments and population in 1750, to locate the geographical areas that the Acadians are from as a class.  Try this one from the University of Maine’s Canadian-American Center:

The Hopewell Rocks – OFFICIAL Time Lapse video of 45.6 foot tide

Time-lapse of tide with boats in harbor dropping to the seabed:

Prep4Success Slideshow la Nouvelle-France

Chapter 3

Acadieman Au Call Center 

ep 1. Parler Chiac Sud Acadie: Quancais prononcer ton “H” 

Visit the only Mi’kmaq immersion school in the world

Mi’kMaq identity – Mi’kmaq: First Nation people (6/6)

Learn Mi’kmaw: 21 lessons for beginners


Chapter 6

The following resource will be needed for the Cloze Listening activity:

Évangéline  Performed by Marie Jo Thiero


Chapter 7

(Pre-reading) video & discussion questions: C’est quoi un réfugié ? – 1 jour, 1 question

  • Quelle est la différence entre un immigrant et un réfugié ?
  • Est-ce un droit humain de chercher refuge ?
  • Faut-il qu’on accepte les réfugiés ? Les réfugiés économiques ? politiques ?


Chapter 8

Try Méditation guidée – 10 minutes chaque jour or find another guided meditation in French on YouTube.


Chapter 9

1755-1757 deportation map

1758-1762 Acadian deportation map


Chapter 12

Le Rougarou:


Chapter 13

You can find paper-folding cube instructions in an online video here:

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