ACTFL 2017

Recommended CI-/Acquisition-focused Sessions

 Krashen Comes Down from the Ivory Tower

Stephen Krashen has made bold claims about language acquisition  A theorist, he has never applied his theories in a language classroom…until NOW! After a brief overview of theory, Krashen, coached by Gaab, will model aligning instruction with SLA principles, teaching an L2 unknown to most participants. Will Krashen and the theory pass a real-world test?

Presenter: Dr. Stephen Krashen & Carol Gaab

Day Time Place

 Igniting the Language Classroom with HOT Strategies

Comprehensible Input is the key to facilitating language acquisition, and compelling input is the key to maintaining student engagement. Learn how to keep input comprehensibly compelling and how to simultaneously enhance acquisition by inspiring students to use high-order thinking skills– in the Target Language!

Presenter: Carol Gaab

Day Time Place

 Blooming Language: Asking Questions that Inspire Higher Order Thinking

What does proficiency look like in the language classroom? How can we be sure that we are not allowing our students to stagnate at the novice level? It is all about assessing well and giving the right types of feedback. In this session we will explore Bloom’s taxonomy as a way to create a “bloom” in student language in the classroom. From action verbs to different types of discussions, this session will explore the ways that comprehensible input can be followed by discussions appropriate at each level of study.

Presenter: Carrie Toth

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Listen Up! Engaging Students in the Story Listening Experience

Stories surround our daily lives in the form of legends, newspaper articles, children’s books, jokes, and personal experiences. The presenter will share various approaches to scaffold the story listening experience for our students with the end goal for students to read and comprehend the story in text form.

Presenter: Cindy Hitz

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Creating Comprehensible Cultural Input

Beginning learners can successfully investigate culture even with very limited proficiency. See how to develop comprehensible language and strategies that help students notice culture through the presentation of three cultural topics: fine art, daily life, and human migration.

Presenters: Mira Canion & Kelly Ferguson

Day Time Place

Facilitating Language Acquisition With Film And Television

Authentic film and television programs from Spain and Latin America are in abundant supply, and offer high-interest insight into contemporary as well as historical perspectives, practices and products. The obstacle to using these resources in the classroom is comprehensibility. Learn how to exploit film and television as everyday acquisition tools

Presenter: Kristy Placido

Day Time Place

Teach to the Eyes – A Compelling Language Class with Comprehensible Input?

This workshop provides the seeds needed to grow a culture of target language use that will flourish in your classroom. No prior experience with Comprehensible Input (CI) is needed. CI is personalized and compelling; it motivates students to express themselves naturally in the target language. Pick strategies that will grow best in your classroom and will fit your teaching style.

This workshop provides a first hand experience to participate in a comprehensible input classroom, where eyes and ears are tuned into the target language. Educators can select and practice strategies that will promote contextualized communication and accelerate proficiency. No experience with Comprehensible Input (CI) is needed.

Presenters: Deena Christophorou, Brigitte Kahn, Janice Kincaid

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