ACTFL 2019
CI-focused Sessions

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The In(put)s and Out(put)s of Comprehensible Input 

Input is the “in” thing in language education. Giving great, comprehensible input is the best we can give our language students. This input gives students the foundation they need to become part of the world’s community of bilinguals (or MULTIlinguals). The tricky part is knowing when and how to anticipate language production. In this session, participants will learn about ACTFL’s proficiency levels and will explore units that provide a steady stream of essential input while encouraging students to output when they’re ready. Participants will actively engage in activities, readings, and tricks for unit design that they can take back to their classrooms on Monday!

Presenter:  Carrie Toth

Thu, 11/21 9:00 AM  – 3:00 PM  Room TBA 


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