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ACTFL 2020 CI-focused Sessions


With Simulive sessions, you can watch the session at the scheduled time and ask questions with the presenter in real time.

Online or Onsite: Virtually Seamless CI

Whether you are teaching virtually or face to face, there is one variable that is constant in the language classroom: Learners need an abundance of CI (comprehensible input) in order to acquire the language. Learn how to engage learners, how sustain comprehensible interaction in the target language, how to plan lessons that are conducive to acquisition and how to create a curriculum that will provide seamless access to meaningful CI in any learning environment.


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Presenter: Carol Gaab 

Fri, 11/20
1:45 PM – 2:30 PM
Exhibitor Workshop Virtual Room #1 

The Art of Unpacking a Short Novel: Teaching with Comprehensible Input 

Novels are not just for reading! Unpack a short novel to explore authentic materials and culture while expanding opportunities for interdisciplinary connections. This session will offer comprehensible input activities, project ideas, and a template on how to backward design units from a novel for a proficiency-based curriculum.

Presenter: Anna Mares

Fri, 11/20
1:45 PM  – 2:30 PM Simulive

A Novel Approach: Comprehension-based Readers in K-8 Classes

Calling all FLES and Middle School Teachers: Do you want to include Comprehensible Input and literacy skills into your classes but don’t know how? Try using Novels! Learn about how to choose the right book for your students, how to make it comprehensible, and how to personalize instruction to engage your students in all modes of communication.

Presenter: Albert Fernandez

Fri, 11/20
4:25 PM  – 5:10 PM Simulive

Good, Better, Best: Getting the Most From Embedded Readings

For a decade, Embedded Readings have been used to increase comprehensible input opportunities. In this session teachers will explore the best ways to create, choose, improve AND utilize Embedded Readings with our students. Looking to upgrade your best practices? Join us for an introduction and upgrade to Embedded Reading in the language classroom!

Presenter: Laurie Clarcq

Sat, 11/21
3:45 PM – 4:30 PM

The Pick of the Literature: How to Select Texts for Language Learners

Unpack the complexities of reading comprehension, and consider what that means for text selection! In this session, the presenter will model how to evaluate text complexity and identify what skills and knowledge a learner needs to understand a given text. Participants will leave with a simple tool to use when selecting texts for language learners.

Presenter: Martina Bex

Sun, 11/22
12:05 PM  – 12:50 PM Simulive

Practical Ideas for Introducing Extensive Reading into the Classroom

Presenter: Olly Richards

Sun, 11/22
12:05 PM  – 12:50 PM Simulive


With On Demand sessions, you can watch the session when it is is convenient for you.

Reading is Elementary: Literacy in the Elementary World Language Classroom

Reading is a critical component of second language acquisition and can be daunting for elementary teachers and students. Attendees will explore texts, including authentic and culturally important resources, and strategies for implementation. Presenters will provide developmentally and linguistically appropriate activities and assessments.

Presenter: Kristen Wolf  and Allison Litten

A Tale of Innovation: Storytelling Through Augmented Reality

Amp up stories with augmented reality (AR). Discover how AR can be used for storytelling. AR stories can encourage student engagement, motivation, and allow for learning to be extended outside the classroom. Participants will see examples and learn more about the AR platforms that can be used within their own classrooms.

A Model for Teaching Biographies: Greta Thunberg, 2019 Person of the Year

Globally competent students have knowledge of notable people and their legacies. Is it possible to teach content, stay in the target language and be 100% comprehensible? Yes! Participate in a beginning Swedish lesson based on a biography of Greta Thunberg. Learn quick ways to teach biography at any level. Use this simple modeled process next week!

Presenter: Barbara Cartford and Janice Kittok

Comprehensible and Compelling: Culture at the Novice Level

This session will focus on strategies to teach culture completely in the target language at the novice level. Attendees will learn how to use high frequency vocabulary structures to write lesson plans that have a cultural lens, proving that complex topics and ideas can still be discussed at novice levels.

Presenter: Niki Tottingham and Rebecca Landor

Comprehensible Input vs. Standardized Testing: What can learners achieve?

This presentation reports results from practitioner research comparing Comprehensible Input (CI) and traditional instruction among U.S. middle schoolers using quantitative and qualitative methods. Whereas CI learners matched the county average on AAPPL’s interpersonal speaking portions, they reported far greater satisfaction and confidence with CI.

Presenter: Alona Shupe

Getting to the Core: 90% TL and 100% Effective, Using CI Strategies 

The first ACTFL Core Practice is that of using the target language (TL) 90% of the the time; however, what does that 90% look like and how effective is it from classroom to classroom when it comes to building proficiency skills? This session will discuss how to make the most of that 90% through the use of comprehensible input (CI) based strategies.

Presenter: Elisabeth Hayles, Andrea Schweitzer and William Langley 

New Language, Day 1: Experience Comprehensible Input in Arabic 

It’s Day 1 of Arabic class. You don’t know the alphabet and there aren’t many similarities to English. But you can understand it! In this session, you will experience comprehensible input from the student perspective while being able to evaluate it from the educator perspective. Come ready to participate.

Presenter: Olivia Grugan and Anita Young

Equity in Dual Language Immersion: Successes, Challenges and Opportunities 

Dual language immersion (DLI) practitioners from Colorado provide an honest look at the successes, challenges, and opportunities of their three immersion programs through an equity lens using current data. Ample time will be provided for discussion. Participants will leave with tools to further reflect on their own current or future DLI programs.

Presenter: Kathy Benzel, Leslie Davison and Toni Theisen

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