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Would you like to read more in-depth about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life? This is his autobiography Total Recall with details of his unbelievably true life story.

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During-reading Timeline

Please take some time to view some of the following resources to familiarize yourself with the geographical, historical and cultural settings of this novel.

Virtual Austria

Geography Now Austria

Germany annexed Austria in 1938. Here is an interesting authentic clip of German troops march into Austria 1938. You could discuss with students about why the Austrians look to be welcoming the Germans. Did Austria want the Anschluss (annexation)?

Arnold was born in 1947 during a period of Allied Occupation of Austria.

Post War occupation of Austria. This short animated documentary gives a brief but informational summary of that time.

In 1965 Arnold must go to the Austrian military to complete his compulsory one year service.

Military Conscription in Austria is a good article about the current Austrian military conscription.

Arnold wins Mr Universe 1969

Arnold wins Mr. Olympia 1975

Arnie trains his muscles 1977

Austrian charm with an American passport  interview with Thomas Gottschalk (1985). With teacher help and guidance, students can practice listening to Arnold’s Austrian accent as he discusses, among other things, his movies. “Ich komme wieder!” – I’ll be back!



Arnold Schwarzenegger Filmography and Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie List will give you an idea of how many movies Arnie actually made!

As Governor of California, Arnold was very vested in renewable energy resources. In this article, He and former California Governor Brown  are honored for their work on solar energy.

After School All Stars is Arnie’s charity which provides kids with after school programs throughout the USA.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a charity for after school programs for underprivileged kids.

One of the ways he raises money for this charity is through having people pay to crush things with his tank.  Here is the story of how he got his tank.

Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes things with tanks – Arnold interview with Jimmy Fallon

Arnie and Jay Leno crush a limo

Arnold raises money for his After School All Stars program.Arnold works at Gold’s

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5 rules for success (2018) “When I was in school, my goal was to go to America. How was I going to get there?”


Er träumt von Amerika Past Tense Gimkit   I made this to practice the past tense with my students.  Students enjoy playing Gimkit so it is time well spent as they are exposed to the vocabulary in the reader over and over again.

You may have students who wish to learn vocabulary via flashcards. While I personally would not use something this large, another teacher has made a Quizlet for ‘Er träumt von Amerika” Er träumt von Amerika Past Tense Quizlet

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