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Photo from Erica Minner shared with us via Twitter. Her students had great fun acting out Brandon Brown quiere un perro with their class mascota!

Chapter 2

MovieTalk, “The Gift”

To further activate the theme of birthday gifts and to solidify some of the chapter 2 vocab, you might use the movie clip and script that Keith Toda shares here:

Chapter 4

Comenius’s Orbis Sensuālium Pictus (Full document)

Chapter 5

For related resources on Roman pets, including a short Latin reading and dictation, see also Keith Toda and Bob Patrick’s outline at

Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, the boys are having fun playing. This might be a fun time to introduce students to some games!

Trigon. For a description of the Roman game Trigon and how it can be used in class, see pp. 118ff of Bob Patrick’s “Making Sense of Comprehensible Input in the Latin Classroom” (Teaching Classical Languages, Spring 2015, 108-136).


Description of the game Trigon and the rules for playing it.

The “Tali” game would be fun too, and it could be played with regular dice.


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