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Photo from Erica Minner shared with us via Twitter. Her students had great fun acting out Brandon Brown quiere un perro with their class mascota!

Chapter 1

Llamas in Argentina:

Pets in Mexico:

Día de la Mascota en Perú

Pet stores in Colombia,

Cock fighting in PR

Popular pet names in Spain

Pet cementary in DR

Fundación A.MAR.TE in Nicaragua

Chapter 3

Preview the short film about ciclovía on If it is something that you think your classes would enjoy, it would be a great start to a discussion about cycling here in the US and abroad.

Chapter 4

¿Qué dicen los animales? Check out this website for an enrichment activity with some animal sound activities…

Share the animal sounds with your students through music!

Here is an alternative version of the Animal Sounds activity found in the guide. This activity correlates to the song “El pollito pío”. Special thanks to Christina Izzi for the suggestion! Animal sounds activity for El Pollito Pio

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Brandon visits the doctor because his mom thinks that the accidents in his room are happening because he is sick. This chapter might be a good time to introduce body parts to your students.

The YouTube video “Las Partes del Cuerpo” is a cute introduction.

Another choice is the Video “El Cuerpo”

Brandon visits the doctor with his mom. Ask kids when they visit the doctor. ¿Visitas al doctor cuando tienes dolor de …….?

The Barbara MacArthur song “Dolor de Cabeza” goes well with this discussion!

Chapter 10

Do your kids sing happy birthday when a classmate celebrates their birthday. Brandon’s family probably sings happy birthday to him but in Mexico they would sing “Las Mañanitas.” Introduce your students to the song via YouTube. There are many videos available and you may want to choose the one that you think your students would enjoy the most. You could follow up by asking which they prefer, our birthday song or Las Mañanitas. There is a great Ricky Martin video called Happy Birthday on YouTube:

Brandon Brown quiere un perro Breakout Box-style game

Get the materials here! Created by Elicia Cárdenas

How are the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-do Statements Organized?


Identify the overarching features of language performance, i.e., context, text type and function, in each of the three modes of communication to describe learner’s progress along the ACTFL proficiency continuum. Benchmarks support setting long-term ‘course’ outcomes.


Deconstruct the Benchmark by focusing on certain aspects of language performance, i.e., context, text type, and function. Indicators describe the steps toward reaching the overarching Benchmark goal.

Go to ACTFL Can-do Statements.

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