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Chapter 1

Ferdinand read aloud in English:

Ferdinando read aloud by storyteller in Spanish:

Disney’s Ferdinand video in English

Disney’s video in Spanish:


Chapter 2

Bullfighters in the USA? ​​​​​​At the time of publication, the following WWE Los Matadores video was available online. Show this video (in English) as a discussion starter for your classes. This would be a great video to use as a “Movie Talk”.

  • Watch the video
  • Discuss the video:
    • ¿Hay un toro en el video? ¿Cómo es el toro?
    • ¿Quiénes son “Los Matadores”? ¿Realmente participan en corridas de toros? ¿Tienen miedo de “El Torito”?
    • ¿“Los Matadores” practican lucha libre? ¿Qué piensas de ellos? ¿Son buenos? ¿Son dramáticos?


Teachers can read more about them here:

See a gallery of related works here:

Read about Picasso’s obsession with tauromaquia here:


Chapter 3

Reading: How much do you know about the Spanish fan and the shawl? Share the supplemental reading included or follow the links to the websites that at the time of publication were available online to learn more! The reading will help your students understand why it was so important for Bianca to find her fan and shawl.


Think Marks: Check out the idea of think marks at the following sites…

ThinkMark Page Marks

Using “ThinkMarks”


Investiga el lenguaje del abanico aquí:


Chapter 8

Additional Internet Resources: Miura bull images Una visita al rancho (info para los profesores) Muerte de Manolete por Islero


Post-reading Pyramid Game created by Jenny Robbins

PETA Latino


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