Brandon loves to visit other schools! This one is in Laos!

Two weeks after departing on his journey, Brandon Brown has been popping up, not only in a lot of classrooms, but all over social media as well. Seeing so many different classrooms and cultures has him thinking a lot about his own identity, both his personal and his public identity. Is what he sees on social media really reflective of who he is or will people get the wrong idea about him from what he’s posted?

When Brandon started searching the #flatBrandonCIPeek hashtag, he began to realize that his digital footprint is beginning to look much more like the kind of person he wants to be… someone who is open to learning about other people’s views of the world, someone who is known for being understanding and kind, even when someone’s beliefs are different from his own, and someone who sees the world as a place of adventure and friendships. (And of course, someone who is fun and funny too.)  

Seeing so many interesting classrooms has Brandon intrigued and fired up! In one classroom, he saw “the coolest mural ever!” It was called Gulliver’s Travels by Hector Duarte. He learned all Hector Duarte’s art and about multiculturalism through Chicano identity in a classroom where students were reading La Calaca Alegre.’  And wooaaa!…He had no idea that the term “Disappeareds” had nothing to do with illusionists, and everything to do with Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’!  He felt pretty “creeped out” yet wanted to know more. He had never thought about topics like the role of gender in the workplace, until he sat in on a discussion about the bookLa Guerra Sucia’.   

Brandon was also surprised to learn from reading Felipe Alou that discrimination exists all over the world, not just in the U.S.A. Students shared how discrimination made them feel ashamed of and angry with their own country. The discussions he heard about discrimination and alienation made him angry and determined to be an ally and an agent of peace. Shortly afterwards, Brandon visited another class that was readingLa hija del sastre’, and he was absolutely blown away by the connections and parallels he noticed. The class reading ‘La hija del sastre’ was having an intense conversation about nationalism and patriotism, and although Brandon noticed similarities to the discussion about Felipe, this discussion was in an entirely different context.

Brandon’s head is spinning! He had always enjoyed reading Fluency Matters books, but he never realized just how much he could learn about the world from reading them! He is on fire, and is challenging you to help him become an empowered global citizen by sharing interesting lessons from your classroom.

How to enter the Flat Brandon Contest!

Enter the contest by printing out Flat Brandon, coloring his clothing  and  accessorizing his wardrobe  to reflect the AP theme your class is targeting. You may incorporate Brandon into a new “setting” by adding a new background if you like! You may even hold your own Flat Brandon contest in your classroom and select one as your official entry! Your submission should incorporate the printout of Flat Brandon AND visually communicate proficiency-mindedness through one of the 6 AP themes:

1. Beauty and Aesthetics
2. Global Challenges
3. Science and Technology
4. Contemporary Life
5. Families and Communities
6. Personal and Public Identities

Once Brandon is decorated, either send a single (digital) photograph or a collage of him participating in the unit of study so we can watch him learn and grow in global and communicative competence. Tell us in 1-2 sentences what Brandon has been up to in your classroom. We are looking for images that capture Brandon acquiring language and becoming globally minded through communicative activities that are creative, innovative, and enjoyable! Remember, the path to proficiency should be pleasant!

Share images on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #flatBrandonCIPeek and tag @FluencyMatters. You may also enter on Facebook by posting your photo on the Fluency Matters Facebook page with the hashtag #flatBrandonCIPeek. Limit ONE entry per teacher, please! The contest deadline is October 24 and we will announce our winner on October 31. The winner will receive a class subscription to the Fluency Matters’ Flip Book E-course for the novel of their choice! Up to 150 students will have full access to the E-course for 5 months (limited to current availability)! All Flip Book E-Courses include an online novel, audiobook, pre- and post-reading activities, and comprehension quizzes.

View full contest terms and conditions here.

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