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Brandon Brown veut un chien on Pinterest: 

-Teacher Tip: add in front of any web address to turn any French-language website into an interactive glossary! Every word on the page will be defined in English with a click. Unlike translation sites, this encourages students to read in French until they actually get stuck.


Movie Talk: the boy who doesn’t want a dog!  

The Gift 

A brief history of the dog (in English with French subtitles and transcript)

Chapter 1

Tour of the animal cemetery in Paris –

Fight against cruelty to geese in making foie gras –

PETA against the slaughter of seals in Canada –

A video showing the blessing of animals at the Vatican in Rome –

A video listing the 10 most intelligent animals

Chapter 2

A short article about things to ask yourself to see if you are ready to adopt a pet.,comment-savoir-si-je-suis-prete-a-adopter-un-animal-de-compagnie,1922366.asp

An article about dogs and children 

A video of top dog breeds in different countries 

Chapter 3

Official site of La Tour de France

There are many tour companies that offer biking vacations and the most popular are in Provence and the Loire valley,

A video about the smartest dog breeds

Chapter 4

Qu’est-ce que les animaux disent ? Check out this website for an enrichment activity with some animal sound activities…

Share the animal sounds with your students through music.

Chapter 5

A video (in English) of American kids trying French food

A video of top 10 French dishes

A compilation of interviews with French people about their favorite French dishes

Chapter 6

A video on kids learning to train their dogs

A list of the most popular dog names in France

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Brandon visits the doctor because his mom thinks that the accidents in his room are happening because he is sick. This chapter might be a good time to introduce body parts to your students.

The YouTube video “Les Parties du Corps” is a cute introduction.

Brandon visits the doctor with his mom. Ask kids when they visit the doctor. Est-ce que tu va voir le docteur quand tu as mal au ……. ?

The Barbara MacArthur song “Mal à la tête” goes well with this discussion. Here is a link to her site.

This link shows a 7th grade class reenacting the song.

Another funny rock version is “J’ai mal”.

Chapter 8 

An article about what dogs do when left at home alone

A video that list reasons to adopt instead of purchase a pet

Chapter 9 

A video about biking in Paris *Note* very mild language warning

Chapter 10

Here is a link to find out name days of your students:

Introduce your students to the Bon Anniversaire song

Video listing best pets for kids

List of different types of pets and information about them

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