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Welcome to our Comprehension-based™ Readers COLLAB groups, Fluency Matters Friends! As teachers ourselves, we know that many of you devote a large chunk of your time to planning. We’ve decided to take a big step toward getting your planning tasks accomplished! We have created COLLAB groups for various Fluency Matters titles! We invite you to discuss and share your plans for pre-teaching, ideas for reading strategies, and implementation of ideas from the Teacher’s Guides!

Let’s work together to:

  • Develop pre-teaching vocabulary/concepts
  • Make cultural connections
  • Connect to AP, IB and other themes
  • Implement Teacher’s Guide activities
  • Improve comprehension with reading activation strategies

We teacher-authors will be right there with you to guide you and advise you, and we hope everyone comes away feeling solidly ready to teach the Comprehension-based™ Readers of your choice this school year!

What do we have to offer?

Our goal is to provide a space in which you can share your questions, ideas, solutions, and struggles and to be responsive to your needs as they arise. We’d like to help you maximize the impact of the resources we have available. We’d like for you to be able to approach teaching a Comprehension-based™ reader with the utmost confidence and a level of preparedness that leaves you feeling at peace.

Join us!

Join the group(s) below that you’d like to collaborate with TODAY and be ready to plan together for a year filled with confidence and success!


Carol, Kristy, and Carrie


Spanish Readers

Mata la piñata COLLAB 

Calaca Alegre COLLAB 

Vector COLLAB 

Robo en la noche COLLAB 

Noche de oro COLLAB 

Noches misteriosas en Granada COLLAB 

Bianca Nieves COLLAB 

Hasta la sepultura COLLAB 

Leyendas impactantes COLLAB 

Vidas impactantes COLLAB 

Frida Kahlo COLLAB 

Hija del sastre COLLAB 

48 horas COLLAB 

Esperanza COLLAB 

Felipe Alou COLLAB 


The Brandon Brown Series in Spanish

Brandon Brown dice la verdad COLLAB 

Brandon Brown quiere un perro COLLAB 

Brandon Brown versus Yucatán COLLAB 

Brandon Brown hace trampa COLLAB 

El nuevo Houdini COLLAB 


French Readers

Le nouvel Houdini COLLAB 

Le vol des oiseaux COLLAB 

Nuits mystèrieuses à Lyon COLLAB 

Need strategies? Encouragement? Have burning questions?

Fluency Matters is proud to offer both live webinars and on-demand training! Join us any time of the day or night! #PDinyourPJs

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