iFLT Conference: A conference focused on interactive teacher training
Language Lab Observations

ALL participants will have the opportunity to observe master teachers implementing the best practices of TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) as they teach elementary through high school students, followed by a debriefing session led by master teachers.

Beginning Training

Teachers who are new to TPRS/TCI will attend the beginning workshop (with Carol Gaab & Katya Paukova) on Tuesday and then follow the beginning workshop track led by Kristy Placido, along with a team of experienced coaches who will lead you through guided practice each day (Wed. through Fri.).

Relaunching TPRS/TCI with Ben Slavic
For those who have had previous training, but struggle with implementing TPRS/TCI Strategies in the Classroom.
Ben will model certain TCI skills and then invite anyone to “grab the mic” and be coached. This is not a presentation as much as it is just one big coaching session on PQA, Stories, Circling with Balls, One Word Images, the Word Chunk Team Game, and other things useful for starting the school year.

Skills addressed will be Staying in Bounds, Group Choral Answers, Slow, Point and Pause, and Auditory Focus. Ways of blending the discipline piece in with instruction will also be discussed.

Group is limited to the same group of 30 people for all three days for the three-hour afternoon sessions, but the doors will be open if people want to wander in and out as ‘silent’ observers only.

Training for Experienced Teachers

•Learn how to provide compelling comprehensible input in a variety of fresh and innovative ways.
• Build culture-based & content-based units using CI-based strategies.
• Enhance CI through stories and Reader’s Theater.
• Use iPads and other technology as a rich source of CI.
•Use storytelling and story-asking strategies to help students develop measurable fluency!’
• Learn how to teach upper levels through CI-based strategies embedded in rich authentic literature.
• Discover the power of parents! Learn how to involve your hispanic parents to create a program that is powerful and culturally connected.
• Learn how to use maps and geography as a compelling platform for providing CI.
•Learn unique strategies for implementing guided reading in engaging and comprehensible ways.
•See how TPRS fits naturally and powefully into the National Speaking Standard Requirements.
•Discover powerful strategies for engaging and managing elementary students.
•Tweet your way to a rich source of CI and to a powerful 24-7 PLC (professional learning community).
•Become a coach-mentor and learn how to support and guide your department/district to better teaching.
University Credit

Multiple university credits available! You can take as many credits for which you are able to fulfill requirements. Course requirements must be completed within four months of the conference. Specific course numbers will be assigned to conference sessions, in addition to numerous course numbers which are assigned on an as-need basis.

***Due to the unique nature of this event, enrollment is limited! Registration will close when enrollment is full!

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