July 19 – 22~~ Chattanooga, TN

Below you will find the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Please read through all the FAQ’s to familiarize yourself with the 2016 iFLT Summer Conference and its procedures. If you have a question, please see if it, and the answer to it, is below before contacting us at: info@tprstorytelling.com

When should we arrive?

Monday. The conference starts Tuesday morning.

When should we depart?

The conference ends Friday afternoon. The majority of people are staying through the weekend. Schedule your flight late Friday afternoon or later/after.

How soon do I need to have the registration in?

We can never guess when we reach capacity. Usually by the early-bird registration deadline we have very few spaces available. You can register now if you would like but your space is not confirmed until payment or a purchase order is received. If you register now and payment is not received by the deadline your registration fee will increase to the rate posted.

Is there a partial-conference registration option?

Due to limited capacity and high demand for this conference, we are unable to allow registration for individual days. Allowing partial registration could potentially prevent another teacher from attending the entire conference. Conference capacity is set for the overall conference, not for each day. Once we reach capacity, we close registration, and that means that a partial registration would eliminate someone who registered later from participating. If we have not reached capacity a week before the conference, we will allow partial registration on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a lower registration fee for teachers working abroad?

To keep conference costs at a minimum for all participants, we are unable to offer any other discounts than what we have for first-year and student teachers, regardless of your country of residency.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel for any reason, you will be assessed a cancellation fee based on the date when you cancel:  On or before June 10, 2016 – $50 per person.
No refunds after June 10, 2016.

How do I know which track is best for me?

Register for BEGINNING if you:
* have NOT consistently been using TPRS/TCI strategies in your classroom for at least one full year.
* have NOT had at least 18 or more hours of previous TPRS/TCI training.
* can not spontaneously and comfortably implement PQA, circle/ask scaffolded questions or ask a story.
* have not received any training within the last 5 years.

Register for BEYOND THE BASICS if:
* TPRS/TCI strategies are part of your daily instruction.
* you have had at least 18 hours of previous training within the last 5 years.
* you can implement PQA, circling, story-asking in different settings and in various contexts.

What should we bring for the conference? Bring your handouts!!!

We will be sending handouts in advance via email and will have LIMITED copies available at the conference. Be sure to print your handouts before you come!! Conference handouts will be available at ==== the week before the conference. 

Although is NOT necessary, you may want bring your textbook(s), readers, curriculum. Just pay attention to airline luggage weight restrictions. (50 lbs. on most carriers) 

refillable coffee cup
refillable water cup
sweater or jacket
typical ‘school’ supplies (i.e.: pens, paper, laptop, etc.)

Do teachers receive materials as a part of this training?

All sessions and workshops will have a variety of handouts (combined into an e-program/booklet), which will be available to attendees.  Each presenter will provide his/her own unique handouts.

What makes this iFLT Conference different from other conferences? 

What makes the iFLT Conference unique is the inclusion of learning labs, which are live language classes with real students. Participants watch live language classes, observing students and MASTER teachers in action. The iFLT conference also includes a wide variety sessions appropriate for beginners to experienced teachers. This conference has a holistic focus,  featuring powerful sessions on CI-based strategies as well as TPRS-specific sessions. iFLT also includes four free lunches.

Can I receive university credits by attending the conference?

Yes, multiple university credit options are available through the U of Pacific. Click here.

What if I need a roommate?

Once you register, we will send you a URL to join a document that lists potential roommates. If you would like it to be known that you need a roommate, you can add your name to the list. Check that list frequently to see if any new names have been added. Note that neither iFLT nor TPRS Publishing, Inc. provide background checks or verification of an individual’s information. Nor can we be held responsible for finding a roommate and/or for determining if a person would be a compatible/suitable roommate. We strongly encourage you to interview prospective roommates before making a decision about rooming together. 

Are any meals included? 

Light lunches will be provided Tuesday through Thursday for conference participants only. (Lunch for family members and language students is not provided.)

Will there be childcare at the conference?

Please note that there is NO childcare provided before or after the language camp. In order to maintain a professional, productive atmosphere and due to limited space, children will not be allowed to attend the conference / be on campus outside the hours of the language camp.

What is the minimum age required for a student to participate in the Language Super Camp?

8 years old or going into third grade.

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