The International Forum on Language Teaching is a grassroots organization inspired by Dr. Stephen Krashen and dedicated to the study and development of best practices for effective language instruction.

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Language Lab Observations

ALL participants will have the opportunity to observe master teachers implementing the best practices of TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) as they teach elementary through high school students, followed by a debriefing session led by master teachers.

NOTE: The beginning conference track has reached capacity and registration (for beginning only) is now closed. If you are a “False Beginner,” meaning you have had some training AND experienced a demo of TPRS®/CI strategies, but at the same time lack confidence and experience, the experienced track may be a good fit for you. There is a large variety of differentiated sessions and workshops offered in the experienced track, and more importantly, ample coaching will be available to anyone who wants to learn and/or practice various techniques.

Differentiated Training for Experienced Teachers

• Learn how to provide compelling comprehensible input in a variety of fresh and innovative ways.
• Build culture-based & content-based units using CI instruction.
• Enhance CI through stories and Reader’s Theater.
• Discover the power of Google and other technology to enhance CI instruction.
• Use storytelling and story-asking strategies to help students develop measurable fluency!
• Learn how to teach upper levels through CI-based strategies embedded in rich authentic literature.
• Learn unique strategies for implementing guided reading in engaging and comprehensible ways.
• See how CI strategies fit naturally and powefully into the National Speaking Standard Requirements.
• Discover powerful strategies for engaging and managing elementary students.
• Tweet your way to a rich source of CI and to a powerful 24-7 PLC (professional learning community).
• Become a coach-mentor and learn how to support and guide your department/district to better teaching.

Beginning Training – Beginning Track has reached full capacity. Reg. for BEGINNING Track is CLOSED.
Teachers who are new to TPRS/TCI will attend the beginning workshop (with Diana Noonan), along with a team of experienced coaches who will lead you through guided practice each day (Wed. through Fri.).

• Learn how to use questions to engage learners.
• Differentiate instruction through questioning strategies.
• Discover the power of CI for facilitating SLA.
• Use stories as a platform for providing powerful CI.
• Learn how to use guided reading to accelerate the rate of acquisition.


Experienced Conference Track  is FULL!
Attendees must pre-register for one of the following TUESDAY workshop options:

A) Beyond TPRS
NOTE: Don’t dismay! This workshop will repeat Wed. afternoon. 
Presenter: Martina Bex
TPRS® is a powerful way for teachers to develop the skills required to provide quality comprehensible input to language learners. Once they’ve graduated from ‘The School of TPRS®” with a command of basic skills like circling, checking for comprehension, and personalization, however, many teachers are happy to discover that there are an infinite number of ways to build language proficiency without story-asking! Experience CI activities that are both engaging and effective, and learn how to facilitate and implement the same activities in your own classroom.

B) Transforming CI 
This workshop does not repeat. This is your only op to see the amazing J.S.B.! (and we do mean AMAZING!)
Presenter: Justin Slocum Bailey
Come learn how to customize not only content, but also your delivery of input in order to maximize comprehension and buy-in while minimizing stress—your students’ and your own! Experience an array of flexible techniques that teachers and students can use to tweak the flow of input (pace, content, repetitions, and more) in real time to enhance any CI-filled situation, whether classic Storyasking, PQA, MovieTalk, or reading, and see how to exploit any situation for compelling CI on a moment’s notice.

C) Language Teaching and Learning à la Google
Although Leslie will NOT repeat this session, she will be presenting several other fabulous sessions!
Presenter: Leslie Davison
Is your school going 1:1? Have you adopted the GAFE platform recently? Do you want to learn how (and why) to effectively integrate Google and other tech tools into your CI-based classroom? This hands-on workshop will focus on using technology to provide compelling comprehensible input as well as the best tools for students to create in the language. Slides, Blogs, Forms, Docs, Drawings and heaps of secret Google gems will be explored. Lastly, we will focus on using technology as an advocacy tool for your World Language program. This workshop is perfect for K-12 teachers with little or lots of experience using technology with students. Please bring a Chromebook, Macbook or laptop (tablet not so good) and be prepared to geek out just a little bit.

D) Advancing Student Proficiency with Novel Studies
This workshop,will repeat Thursday afternoon. 
Presenter: Carrie Toth
With the Seal of Biliteracy sweeping the nation, there has never been a greater need to prepare our students for exams like AP/IB/AAPPL.  These state “Seals” are awarded to those students who demonstrate a high level of proficiency and demonstrating high proficiency takes planning that starts in level one.  In this workshop, participants will look at how TPRS Publishing novels can anchor a curriculum that leads to student success no matter the final tool for measurement. From selecting resources to unit design, participants will leave with the know-how to draw out AP and IB themes even in novice level readers.

E) Coaching for Coaches
Led by Teri Wiechart & the iFLT Coaching Team
Purpose:  This workshop is designed to teach you effective techniques for guiding colleagues toward effective TPRS / CI instruction. Learn and practice powerful coaching techniques with some of the very best coaches, teachers, and trainers of TCI and enhance your own teaching at the same time! This workshop is open to CI teachers, supervisors, dept. chairs, etc. who:
• can implement TPRS/TCI in your own classroom, although you may still have skills you need to work  on.
• understand the method(s) and processes thoroughly enough to teach someone else.
• want to help others become more effective coaches and/or instructors (via a physical or virtual PLC).

Which conference track is best for me?

Register for BEGINNING if you:
* have NOT consistently been using TPRS/TCI strategies in your classroom for at least one full year.
* have NOT had at least 18 or more hours of previous TPRS/TCI training. 
* can not spontaneously and comfortably implement PQA, circle/ask scaffolded questions or ask a story. 
* have not received any training within the last 5 years.

Register for BEYOND THE BASICS if:
* TPRS/TCI strategies are part of your daily instruction.
* you have had at least 18 hours of previous training within the last 5 years. 
* you can implement PQA, circling, story-asking in different settings and in various contexts.

University Credit 

Multiple university credits available! You can take as many credits for which you are able to fulfill requirements. Course requirements must be completed within four months of the conference. Specific course numbers will be assigned to conference sessions, in addition to numerous course numbers which are assigned on an as-need basis. Click here for more information.

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