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Le message

Le message E-book

Level 1/2 – Present tense

André’s life is turned upside down when he gets an unexpected and heart-wrenching text message from a friend. It is a text about his beloved girlfriend, and it’s not pretty. At first, André does not think much of the text, as he knows students love to spread rumors and gossip. He would rather focus on his upcoming test on the capitals of French-speaking countries, than indulge in petty high school drama. But as he considers the last few days talking to Fabienne, a startling picture starts to emerge. Why has she been incredibly secretive and avoiding him like the plague? André tries to keep his cool. So, instead of going into full panic mode, he hatches a plan. He may be risking everything to uncover the truth, but he knows that the truth will set him free. Will it be worth it?

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