2As authors at Fluency Matters, we are SO excited about all of the breakouts we have seen online! Teachers are the most generous group of people in the world! Considering doing a breakout for one of our (or any) novels? Already have a breakout ready? Here are a few things we’d like to encourage as you create your masterpieces:

  1. Be sure to share the breakout on the breakoutedu.com website! There are always teachers looking for pre-made breakouts to try before making their own! Why not yours!?
  2. Because it is the nice thing to do, include the official BreakoutEDU kit images (provided on the site) in your instructions! Anyone can make a breakout kit from a toolbox, the site even gives great instructions for doing it, but these guys give so much away for free! Help them showcase their wonderful boxes!
  3. Include current BreakoutEDU branding on your breakout instructions. Their logo is a great way to help people find other breakouts! From hint cards, to “we broke out” cards, put the little box and arrow logo in appropriate places throughout! 1
  4. Share your breakout through their site as well as yours! It is awesome to blog, facebook, and tweet your breakout! Keep that up! But also remember that teachers new to breakout will probably go to their site first! Give them something to look at!
  5. Include the publisher’s branding as well! If you’ve created a breakout for a novel, no matter who published it, be sure to give credit! Teachers who see your awesome breakout might be interested in finding the novels to go with it! Remember that you are prohibited by copyright from creating derivative works from published materials unless you have the express written consent of the publishers! Please contact Fluency Matters (or any publishing company) before publishing your breakout based on our novels for permission!
  6. In addition to your instruction sheets and handouts, include a simple, one page instruction sheet that tells teachers exactly what to print and where to hang it, what locks to set with what codes, and what to put in the different boxes and envelopes. In your breakout, you may have more detailed instructions but a simple “at a glance” type of instruction sheet helps teachers see immediately what they need to get ready to do this breakout!
  7. Create an introductory video. Some people (ok, it’s me) don’t read and follow instructions well. I have to SEE everything. For these visual learners, a quick (minute or two) video that shows the parts of your break out and how to set them up, will be a great addition both to YOUR sharing of the breakout but also to the breakoutedu.com website library.
  8. Try the breakout out on your students and share a couple of images of them in action. Nothing makes a teacher more comfortable trying a new activity than seeing other students be successful doing it! In my room, I asked students for feedback and tweaked my Vector novel breakout before creating the final draft! They were VERY insightful about what was too easy and too hard!

Thank you so much for all the support you give to us here at Fluency Matters and to our novels! We can’t thank you enough for the kind words, the fun ideas you share, and the interactions we get to have with all of you through our social media and at conferences! Let’s make these breakouts amazing and show the world the power of literacy through engaging, comprehensible novels!!!



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