Hi everyone! I have a mission for you all! The purpose of the blog is teachers sharing with teachers! If you haven’t seen our summer FOMO (fear of missing out) series from iFLT by Arianne Dowd, you need to check it out! Now that it is fall and many of us are now beginning our 2nd, 3rd, or 6th week of school, it’s time for all of us to consider:

What do I do in my classroom that is working?
What obstacles have I successfully overcome?
What tweaks have I made from past years?
What are my goals for this year?

My challenge to you is to write a “Dear Colleagues” letter!

Tell us about YOU, your classroom, your success, your challenges, and your goals!

Send your “Dear Colleagues” letter to me at kristy@fluencymatters.com. I’ll select some to share with our readers on the blog! Please submit your letter by September 17. Hope to hear from you!



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