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Don Quijote de La Mancha with links to La Obra, Personajes, La Venta, Según se mire, diccionario, and comics (like this Aventura de los gigantes). Has videos, activities, games (like this windmill puzzle), worksheets (like this comparisons between Quijote and Sancho) and additional information.

Pixton lesson plans for Don Quijote templates and suggested activities

Pablo Picasso/Don Quijote and this

Salvador Dalí/Don Quijote

Pinterest page for Dalí drawings of Don Quijote

Infographic in Spanish about Don Quijote

Serie de 9 edupíldoras dedicadas a Don Quijote de la Mancha

Word cloud with Don Quijote with several ideas for using word clouds

From Zachary Jones (Zambombazo) comparing/contrasting the short movie Lila with Don Quijote This guide is mainly in English ( although there is a section in Spanish). While most of it is probably not applicable, there are several interesting “project” ideas.

Cervantes: Museo Casa Natal

Alcalá de Henares

The Smithsonian magazine: Relive ‘Don Quixote’ with a trip through Miguel de Cervantes’ Spain

Guide to the classics:  Don Quixote, the world’s first modern novel—and one of the best  Basic introduction with a few videos and other links.

Don Quijote Ballet:

Basic videos

Don Quijote de la Mancha para niños—Cuentos Clásicos 2019 6:29

Don Quijote para niños—Cuentos infantiles  2016   11:10

Summary of Don Quijote from Cervantes —Draw my life 2018  4:46

Don Quixote – Beginner Spanish—Spanish Culture  2018  7:56 from the Dreaming Spanish series

Canción con pictogramas Don Quijote  3:05

9 Scenes from the 1972 movie Man of La Mancha

QuixotedotTV series of videos

Capítulo 1

Top things to see in Don Quixote’s Castilla-La Mancha

El Quijote y su increíble mundo

La Mancha, the land of “Don Quixote” 2009 2:49

Spain Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha  2015 6:58, just scenery and music

The Spain of Don Quixote/UAMx on edX 2017 2:41

The Don Quixote Trail:  Following in the footsteps of one of the greatest novels of all time

En un lugar de La Mancha video, worksheet, coloring page

Don Quijote de la Mancha website with pages for Cervantes, Don Quijote, Personajes, Vocabulario, Poemas, Actividades and a Blog

Website with “cartoon” versions with descriptions of main characters

Armadura de Quijote picture and La Armadura

Coloring pages with descriptions of main characters

Señalo aquellos objetos que no pertenecen a la armadura de Don Quijote

I am I, Don Quijote audio from the musical Man of La Mancha  2:16 and the clip from the movie

Capítulo 2

Primera Salida de Don Quijote con Sancho Panza  2013  3:51

The Don Quixote Trail:  Following in the Footsteps of one of the greatest novels of all times.  The route of Don Quixote

Mota del Cuervo y Belmonte  Discovering the land of Don Quijote (in Spanish) with molinos y el Castillo de Belmonte

Museo-Casa de Dulcinea del Toboso

Middle Ages for Kids:  Becoming a Medieval Knight

Castle activities, in Catalán but easily adaptable to Spanish

Capítulo 3

The Importance of Vosotros if Spain is in your future  and Five ways to say YOU

Online practice games with vosotros

Online match game present tense, including vosotros

Capítulo 5

 Arden los libros de caballerías

Capítulo 6

Don Quijote en la jamás imaginada Aventura de los molinos 2013 2:29

Don Quixote Charges the Giant 1972 3:10

Don Quijote de La Mancha y los molinos de viento  2016 3:53 in Spanish with Spanish captions

Don Quixote and the Windmills –Spanish Learning with bilingual subtitles 2017  7:42

Picture (cartoon)

Lucha contra tres gigantes

Review worksheet

Chapter 10

Pecha Kucha Speaking Assessment video

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