What Does An E-Course Include?

An E-course contains 3 components and includes access to the online flipbook (ebook), the audiobook, various pre- and post-reading input-driven activities and quizzes.

Once I Purchase An E-Course, What Is The Process For Setting Up An E-Course?

Once you have purchased a GROUP subscription, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase in which you will be instructed to log into the site to access your profile.

Go to your profile and look for the Group Registration icon.

Once you add students to your course (See instructions for adding students below.), students will automatically have an account, BUT they will need to set up a password. 

IMPORTANT: (Re)Setting a password requires a valid email address AND a server that accepts mail from Info@FluencyMatters.com. If your school blocks our email messages, your students will not be able to set up their password. Therefore, your school/district server must whitelist Info@FluencyMatters.com mail!

Once students have set up their password and are able to log into the site, they will find their E-course(s) in their profile.

How To Set Up A Fluency Matters E-Course

How Long Is An E-course Subscription?

Premium class (or group) and individual subscriptions run for 12 months.

How Does An Individual Subscription Differ From A Premium Class Subscription?

An individual subscription gives a user access to the same 3 components, but the Class Subscription includes additional features, including the ability to upload and manage students, monitor students progress, and get grade reports for the students on your course.

How Much Does An Individual Subscription Cost?

12 month subscription – $6.00

How Much Does A 12-Month Premium Subscription Cost?

5-30 students: $4.75 per student

31-60 students: $4.50 per student

61-90 students: $4.25 per student

91-140 students: $4.00 per student

141+ students: $3.50 per student


-150 students: $3.50 per student

How Do I Purchase An E-Course?

Log in to FluencyMatters.com. Go to the Fluency Matters store and select the E-Course title you want.

To purchase an individual subscription, simply add one e-Course to your cart.

To purchase a class or group subscription, select ‘Group’ rather than “Individual” and enter the number of students you would like to add to your subscription.

Complete the purchase by providing payment. A confirmation window should appear confirming the purchase. Once your payment is processed, you will be able to access the E-course from your profile.

Note: You must log in BEFORE you purchase in order to have access your E-course.

What if I want to purchase an E-course with a Purchase Order?

When you purchase an E-course with a PO, you will not be able to access your E-course until your PO has been processed. Once we verify the PO and process the order, you will be able to access your Ecourse(s) through your PROFILE.

How Do I Upload A Class List And Maintain Subscriptions And Classes?

How do I upload a Class List?

Go to your profile and click on the E-course subscription for which you need to upload a class. Three tabs will appear: Invited Students; Add Email; Import Email. Use the “Add Email” tab to add email addresses for individual students. Use the “Import Email” tab to upload a CSV file, which is created from Excel.

How do I create a CSV file for my class list?

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet. In the top left cell, write “email”; second column heading: “name”; third column heading “last_name”. Fill in the applicable student information under each heading.  (email | name | last_name)


Save the Excel files as a CSV file. (Select SAVE AS from the File menu.) Click submit, and the list of students will appear under the “Invited Students” tab.

Can I add more students to a subscription once it is purchased?

Yes. Go to your profile and click on the tab “Purchased Courses and Books.” Under the applicable book, go to the link that says “Purchase more students.”

Can I swap students or class lists?

No, the original class list you assign to an E-course cannot be deleted and replaced with another. However, you CAN delete students who never joined the class and/or add more names to the list, as long as you purchased an adequate number of subscriptions.

What E-Courses Are Available?

All Spanish titles are available, with the exception of the new books for which we are currently creating ancillary materials/activities. There are a handful of French titles are currently being added and other languages will also be added soon.

Do E-courses work on a portable device like a phone or tablet?

Yes, Fluency Matters e-courses work on most hand held devices. To be sure the courses work on your particular device, we suggest testing the e-course samples.


Can I swap or delete student names at the end of a semester?

No, you cannot swap/delete student emails at the end of a semester.  E-Course subscriptions expire 12 months after a student begins the course.  Teachers may not delete or swap more than 10% of class email list after 10 days of course initiation. Once a student has used the course, you cannot transfer the course to another student.

Is there a way to assign specific activities and/or hide certain ones?

The system does not currently allow group leaders to hide specific quizzes/activities to prevent students from completing specific activities, but why would you want to?!

We have designed courses to help you provide additional comprehensible input in a format that is engaging and conducive to language acquisition. Each time your students complete a quiz/activities they are getting additional exposure to CI that specifically tailored to help them acquire the language.

Just because the system keeps track of all the scores that your students earn does not mean that you have to count them all!  Group leaders can count one score, take an average of all scores, or select the highest score for each chapter or course. The data is reported for you to get a holistic perspective of each student, not to overwhelm you with grades. Each activities can serve as an easy formative assessment to help you keep tabs on student progress.

How Do I get the 'Export Progress' spreadsheet to see student grades on quizzes, etc.?

Teachers can access The Export Progress Report by the following steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard and then select LearnDash.
  2. Go to Group Administration on the left and select Export Progress on the right side.
  3. Once the spreadsheet uploads, you can view students’ progress, sort, save report to your computer.

How Do I get the 'Export Results' spreadsheet to see student grades on quizzes, etc.? This is sorted by student.

Teachers can access The Export Results Report by the following steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard and then select LearnDash.
  2. Go to Group Administration on the left and select Export Results on the right side.
  3. Once the spreadsheet uploads, you can view students’ results, sort, save report to your computer. This report is sorted in alpha order.

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