E-course FAQ’s

What E-courses are available?

All Spanish titles are available, with the exception of the newest books for which we are creating audio files and activities. There are a handful of French titles currently available and more will be available by Jan. 2017. Other languages will be added by August 2017.

What does an E-Course Include?

An E-course contains 3 components and includes access to the online flipbook, the AUDIO book and various pre- and post-reading activities and quizzes.

How Long Is An E-Course Subscription?

Premium class subscriptions run for 9 months.
Individual subscriptions are available on a 1-month or 6-month subscription.

How Does an Individual Subscription Differ from a Premium Class Subscription?

An individual subscription gives a user access to the same 3 components, but the Class Subscription includes additional features, including the ability to upload students to a class list; assign quizzes and activities to the class; get grade reports for the students on your list.

How much does a 9-month Premium subscription cost?

Pricing starts at $5.00 per student, and is continually discounted as you add more students to the subscription. The pricing bottoms out at $3.50 per student for classes of 150 or more. If you have classes that are larger than 150, please call for special bulk pricing.

The bigger the subscription, the lower the price: $5.00 per student for the first 15 students;

-20 students: $4.90 per student;

-50 students; $4.60 per student;

-75 students: $4.40 per student;

-100 students: $4.10 per student;

-150 students: $3.50 per student

How much does an individual subscription cost?

1-month subscription – $3.00

6-month subscription – $6.00

How do I purchase an E-course?

Log in to FluencyMatters.com. Go to the shopping cart and select the Flip Book subscription that best meets your needs. Complete the purchase by providing payment. A confirmation window should appear confirming the purchase. Note: You must log in BEFORE you purchase to successfully access your flip book E-course.

What if I want to purchase an E-course with a Purchase Order?

When you purchase an E-course with a PO, you will not be able to access your E-course until your PO has been processed. Once we verify the PO and process the order, you will be able to access your Ecourse(s) through your PROFILE.

How do I upload a class list and maintain subscriptions and classes?

How do I upload a Class List?

Go to your profile and click on the E-course subscription for which you need to upload a class. Three tabs will appear: Invited Students; Add Email; Import Email. Use the “Add Email” tab to add email addresses for individual students. Use the “Import Email” tab to upload a CSV file, which is created from Excel.

How do I create a CSV file for my class list?

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet. In the top left cell, write “email”; second column heading: “name”; third column heading “last_name”. Fill in the applicable student information under each heading.  (email | name | last_name)


Save the Excel files as a CSV file. (Select SAVE AS from the File menu.) Click submit, and the list of students will appear under the “Invited Students” tab.

Can I add more students to a subscription once it is purchased?

Yes. Go to your profile and click on the tab “Purchased Courses and Books.” Under the applicable book, go to the link that says “Purchase more students.”

Can I swap students or class lists?

No, the original class list you assign to an E-course cannot be deleted and replaced with another. However, you CAN delete students who never joined the class and/or add more names to the list, as long as you purchased an adequate number of subscriptions.

How to set up a Fluency Matters E-course