Quickstart Guide for Students NOT Using Email

Quickstart Guide for Students

E-course Tools and Tips for Students

How do I create / access my student account?

There are two ways to log into FluencyMatters.com: Enter a user name and password OR an email address and password.


If your teacher created your account with a unique user name, simply go to FluencyMatters.com and click on ‘LOG IN’. Enter the user name and password that have been pre-assigned to you by your teacher.  Once logged in, you will be taken to your profile page. Click on “Edit Profile” to change your password.


If your teacher created your account using your email address, you will get your password from a WELCOME email that is generated as soon as your teacher enrolls you in the E-learning module. If you don’t see it, check your SPAM folder. Follow the link in the WELCOME message and enter the password exactly as shown in the email. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. If you copy and paste, be careful not to copy any extra spaces before or after the password.


If you do not see the WELCOME message, you will have to wait for your teacher and IT department to whitelist email from domain: FluencyMatters.com.

How do I change my password?

How you change your password will depend if you have a standard account that is based on an email address or student account that was set up based on a unique username. If your teacher gave you a pre-assigned username and password, you will have to request your password from your teacher.


If your account is based on a valid email address, then please follow the instructions in this video  for resetting your password.

How to Reset your Password

Help! My password is not working!

Passwords do not suddenly stop working, but sometimes our memories do…

If you are having trouble logging in, check these items:

  • Is the username  or email entered correctly?
  • Is the password spelled EXACTLY as it was created with upper case, lower case and characters written correctly?
  • Did you copy and paste the username and/or password? If yes, make sure you did not copy any extra (hidden) spaces before or after the text?


If you have exhausted all solutions, you can

A) Contact your teacher if she set up your username and password for you.

B) Reset your password using the standard process of clicking on “Forgot Password.” Follow the instructions in the video.

My E-course suddenly stopped working! Help!

If your e-learning module was previously working and suddenly starts giving you trouble (i.e.: quizzes won’t start, course contents don’t appear, your report card doesn’t show your last grades, etc.), try any or all of the following solutions:


Load FluencyMatters.com in a ‘NEW PRIVATE WINDOW’ (Safari/Firefox) or ‘NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW’ (Chrome). 

Go to FILE in the menu at the top of the window. Scroll down to NEW PRIVATE/INCOGNITO WINDOW. Once the private window opens, enter the URL: https://FluencyMatters.com. See if the problems resolves while browsing in private mode. (Private windows help to avoid cache issues.)


Try another browser. Log into your account using a different browser and see if the issue resolves itself. 


Clear the cache. 

  1. Log out of FM.
  2. Clear browser cache– Delete all browsing history and all cookies.
  3. Quit browser. Restart browser.
  4. Log in again and go to the profile. Check the e-course and see if the student can access the course. If not, try another browser and or another device.


All devices cache data, and you may notice phenomenon but not realize what’s happening. For example, if you fill out a form online, and your info auto-populates, that’s stored data on YOUR device. If you have ever put items in an online shopping cart, and gone back days later and the items are still there, that’s cached data. Passwords often are “remembered,” and that too is cached data. When you are progressing through a course, logging lots of grade/progress, etc. and also surfing the internet, your device is caching a ton of data. This cached data can prevent your machine from properly loading a variety of websites, but especially those that function under a logged-in account holder.


Note that Chromebooks, i-phones and i-pads are notorious for storing cookies on your device in a problematic way, so clearing the cache on those devices is usually required more often than on other devices.  Read helpful information about clearing the cache on i-phone/i-pad.

The flipbook won't load.

  1. Your internet speed may be too slow.
  2. Clear cache.

How do I clear the cache?

Amazing Pro Tip that you won't want to ignore!!

When you open a quiz, RIGHT CLICK on the quiz to open it up in a new tab or window. Then when you are taking the quiz you can toggle back and forth between the book and the quiz.


When you’re reading the book, you can also open the glossary in another tab; open the flipbook, then right click to open the glossary in another tab. That way if you need to look up a word, you can quickly reference glossary in the next tab.

My course won't let me progress.

If you do not score at least an 80% on a quiz, the CONTINUE button does not display at the end of the quiz. That does NOT mean  you can not move forward. It is just the system’s way of trying to encourage learners to retake a quiz.  If you score less than 80% and you want to move forward anyway, just click on the left hand menu items (table of contents) to move on.

FailedQuiz tip

FailedQuiz tip

This quiz is broken! It keeps re-arranging my answers.

Quizzes are not selective and have no favorites. If answers are marked “wrong,” they are “wrong” for EVERY single student. Quiz Question Summary shows in RED which questions you answered incorrectly. Order-up quizzes don’t re-arrange answers, but the quiz summary WILL show wrong answers in RED.


If you are 100% sure that you have answered a question correctly, but the system keeps marking it wrong, email E-learning@FluencyMatters.com, so we can verify the answer key is correct. Although it is unlikely, it is possible that the answer key is wrong, given the number of questions (30,000) on the system. You have 3 tries to take a quiz, so you be sure to reach out to us before you use up your all of your quiz attempts.

I keep getting less than 100% on a quiz, but it says all of my answers are correct.

Sometimes there is confusion between the number of items or questions you get correct or partially correct and the total number of points you think you should score.  For example, let’s say that there are two questions in a quiz and each question requires you to put 5 events in order or to match up 5 different phrases/answers. If  you get 4 of the events wrong and one correct, you will score 1 out of 5 points for that question. If you got the first question  (partially) correct, and the second 5-part question completely correct, your score would show 2 out of 2 questions correct, but a total of 6/10 points.
It’s also possible for a  quiz to have questions that are worth more than one point.

Example 1: A 10-point quiz has 8 questions; two of the questions have “select all that apply” with two answers required. If you only select one of the answers, you get 1 out of 2 points for the question. The same result occurs in another question. You got 8/8 questions correct but only scored 8 out of 10 points (or 80%).

Example 2: A 10-point quiz has six questions. One question requires drag-n-drop sequencing of 5 items. You dragged two of the items into the wrong place, and that threw off the sequence, causing you to get 3 items out of position. You lost 3 of those 5 points on a single question. You got one other 1-point question wrong for a total of -4 points. In this case, the quiz would show 5/6 questions correct, because you got partial credit for the sequencing question. Overall, your score would be 6 out of 10 points for a total of 60%.

My progress bar is not working.

The system will not log a quiz or activity as “complete” until you score at least an 80%. The score will show up in your report card and in the teacher gradebook, but the progress bar will not move until ALL activities in a chapter are completed with a score of 80% or better.

I cannot log in!

To prevent hackers from infiltrating a website, WordPress and other Web hosting services have a built-in security system that will block users from continuing to try to log in once a certain number of attempts have been made.  Double check your log-in credentials before you continue entering erroneous data. If you have too many failed attempts, the system will lock you out.

Drag-and-drop feature does not work from my phone.

Certain questions that have more than four items to drag and drop sometimes present a problem when trying to drag the LAST answer into position. If you start dragging answers to the bottom first, completing the quiz from the bottom up,  the drag and drop works smoothly with no issues.

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