I purchased my E-course but now I cannot find it!

You must log in to FluencyMatters.com with your registered e-mail and password. You will then find your e-course in your profile tab, across the blue banner at the top of our web page.

I can't add students to my E-Course.

    1. Check to see if you “enabled group’ registrationand entered the correct number of students when you made the purchase.   If you did not ‘enable group’ or enter the correct number of students, you will need to call us for the steps you’ll need to follow to purchase a GROUP subscription.
    2. You have exceeded the capacity for your course. Call or email to purchase more subscriptions for your course.
    3. Your csv file is not set up incorrectly.
    4. You have entered an invalid e-mail address or used a ‘forbidden’ character, such as an apostrophe, comma, etc.

    Please view the How To Video for Adding Students to E-Course.

Help! I need to add more students to my E-Course and I've reached my enrollment capacity. What can I do?

Go to the product and enter the number of additional students you need for your course. Put them in your cart and include a NOTE on the checkout page that indicates to which course and/or group you would like to add the students.

My students are not receiving the Welcome email / their log-in credentials.

If your students are using school email addresses, and your IT department has not whitelisted the domain FluencyMatters.com, your students will not receive email. That means they will not receive their log-in credentials, nor will they be able to receive a password reset message. Your IT department must WHITELIST OUR DEDICATED IP. Email info@FluencyMatters.com for detailed instructions/information.

My student(s) cannot log in!

To prevent hackers from infiltrating a website, WordPress and other Web hosting services have a built-in security system that will block users from continuing to try to log in once a certain number of attempts have been made.  Please advise your students to pay close attention when they enter their log-in information that their IP address does not produce numerous failed log-in attempts! If you have 50 students and all of them type a wrong password, those 50 failed attempts will result in being temporarily blocked.  If this problem persists, please e-mail us at info@fluencymatters.com.

My students are not able to view the flipbook and/or access the quizzes.

A quick fix may be to simply view the webpage/course in PRIVATE mode. Look under FILE in the browser menu and select view “New Private Window” (Safari) or “New Incognito Window” (Chrome) or whatever option your device/browser offers you.

To clear the cache, log out of FM.

  1. Clear browser cache– all browsing history and all cookies.
  2. Quit browser. Restart browser.
  3. Log in again and go to the profile. Check the e-course and see if the student can access the course. If not, try another browser and or another device.

Refer your students to Tools & Tips for Students page.

I deleted a student and nothing happened.

A request to remove a student may take up to 24 hours.  If you need immediate assistance with a deletion, please call (800) 877-4738, Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (AZ time).


WHY must I ask for permission?… Unfortunately, one bad apple…
This is to prevent teachers from purchasing a course, using it with a group of students, and then removing all those students and uploading a new set of students. The cost of a subscription is per-student. Replacing a group of students to re-use the same E-learning module is not allowed.

The flipbook won't load.

  1. Your internet speed may be too slow.
  2. Clear cache.

Refer students to Tips & Tools for Students.

How can a teacher view student grades?

Go to your profile.

Click on GRADEBOOK icon.

Select Export Gradebook, Export Gradebook Data, or Export all Quiz Attempts

Drag-and-drop feature does not work from my phone.

Certain questions that have more than four items to drag and drop sometimes present a problem when trying to drag the LAST answer into position. If you start answering question parts from the bottom up, do not save the last item until last. The drag and drop works smoothly with no issues.

How Do I Upload A Class List And Maintain Subscriptions And Classes?

How do I upload a Class List?

Go to your profile.

Click on Group Registration

Use the dropdown menu to select the corresponding group in which you need to upload the student list.


  • FOR BULK UPLOAD: Click on UPLOAD USERS. Choose file and click UPLOAD
  • FOR INDIVIDUAL ADDITION: Click on ADD USER. Enter information and click on ADD USERS.


How do I create a CSV file for my class list?

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet.  Lay it out exactly as the example shown.

3 columns, the exact header in each column, whatever identifying information you choose to enter for each student. (i.e.: first and last initial, first initial, first 3 letters of last name, numeric value, etc.)


Save the Excel files as a CSV file. (Select SAVE AS from the File menu.) Click submit, and the list of students will appear under the “Invited Students” tab.

Can I swap students or class lists?

No, the original class list you assign to an E-course cannot be deleted and replaced with another. However, you CAN delete students who never joined the class and/or add more names to the list, as long as you purchased an adequate number of subscriptions.

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