I purchased my E-course but now I cannot find it!

You must log in to FluencyMatters.com with your registered e-mail and password. You will then find your e-course in your profile tab, across the blue banner at the top of our web page.

I can't add students to my E-Course.

  1. This is generally due to a teacher/purchaser NOT enabling GROUP when the purchase was made.  Check to see if you “enabled group’ when you made the purchase.  If you did not ‘enable group’ when you purchased, please call us for the steps you’ll need to follow to create a GROUP subscription.
  2. You have exceeded the capacity for your course. You can purchase more subscriptions for your course.
  3. You have placed that student in Row 1 of your CSV file.  Try leaving the first row blank and adding that student to a subsequent row below. Or try adding that student manually.
  4. You have entered an invalid e-mail address.

Please view the How To Video for Adding Students to E-Course.

Help! I need to add more students to my E-Course and I've reached my enrollment capacity. What can I do?

Go to your profile and click on the tab “Purchased Courses and Books”.  Under the applicable book, go to the link that says “Purchase more students”.

My students cannot set up a password.

When a teacher adds a student to a group, the student will receive a confirmation email that gives them all of the login information they need.

IMPORTANT: Receiving a confirmation email requires a valid email address AND a server that accepts mail from Info@FluencyMatters.com. If your school blocks our email messages, your students will not be able to set up their password. Therefore, your school/district server must white list Info@FluencyMatters.com mail!

Once students have set up their password and are able to log into the site, they will find their E-course(s) in their profile.

My student(s) cannot log in!

To prevent hackers from infiltrating a website, WordPress and other Web hosting services have a built-in security system that will block users from continuing to try to log in once a certain number of attempts have been made.  Please advise your students to pay close attention when they enter their log-in information that their IP address does not produce numerous failed log-in attempts! If you have 50 students and all of them type a wrong password, those 50 failed attempts will result in being temporarily blocked.  If this problem persists, please e-mail us at info@fluencymatters.com.

My students are not able to view their E-Course in their profile, or they are getting an error message when they log in. What should they do?

Have students clear their cache or try using another browser.  If the problem continues, check to see if the student’s e-mail was entered correctly for the E-Course.

I deleted a student and nothing happened.

It can take up to 24 hours for a deletion to take place.  If you need immediate assistance with a deletion, please call (800) 877-4738, Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (AZ time).

The flipbook won't load.

  1. Your internet speed may be too slow.
  2. Clear cache.

How can a teacher view student grades?

Teachers can access student grades in 3 ways.  Please view the following video which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to access student grades:


Access Student Grades

Drag-and-drop feature does not work from my phone.

Certain questions that have more than four items to drag and drop sometimes present a problem when trying to drag the LAST answer into position. If you start answering question parts from the bottom up, do not save the last item until last. The drag and drop works smoothly with no issues.

How Do I Upload A Class List And Maintain Subscriptions And Classes?

How do I upload a Class List?

Go to your profile and click on the E-course subscription for which you need to upload a class. Three tabs will appear: Invited Students; Add Email; Import Email. Use the “Add Email” tab to add email addresses for individual students. Use the “Import Email” tab to upload a CSV file, which is created from Excel.

How do I create a CSV file for my class list?

Open Excel and create a new spreadsheet. In the top left cell, write “email”; second column heading: “name”; third column heading “last_name”. Fill in the applicable student information under each heading.  (email | name | last_name)


Save the Excel files as a CSV file. (Select SAVE AS from the File menu.) Click submit, and the list of students will appear under the “Invited Students” tab.

Can I swap students or class lists?

No, the original class list you assign to an E-course cannot be deleted and replaced with another. However, you CAN delete students who never joined the class and/or add more names to the list, as long as you purchased an adequate number of subscriptions.

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