1. Subscriptions last 365 days and start immediately upon purchase. 
  2. There are no refunds on unused e-courses.
  3. E-Courses cannot be paused, banked or carried over beyond the 12-month subscription period. 
  4. Subscriptions are based on a per-student basis and are not transferable to other students. Only one student may use a ‘seat’ within a group subscription. Click here for a link on how to purchase E-courses, while simultaneously creating class groups.
  5. If students are enrolled with a school email address, the subscriber’s IT dept. will need to whitelist Fluency Matters’s IP / domain. (Email E-Learning@FluencyMatters.com for IP/domain information.) If students are enrolled without an email address, the subscriber (group leader) will be responsible for managing students’ log-in information.
  6. If the subscriber (group leader) allows the system to auto-generate a fake email, user log-in (user name) and/or a password for students, subscribing teacher must download the User Data Report immediately after student upload. Teacher is responsible for providing log-in information to students. 
  7. I have read and agree to FluencyMatters.com Privacy Statement.

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