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The following two videos are just a couple of examples of MANY MANY fun baby elephant videos found on YouTube! Teach them Movie Talk style and activate new vocabulary found in the book as well as adding in a handful of new vocabulary structures if you wish!

Video: Baby elephant chases birds

Video: Baby baboon friends with a female lion

Elephant body language diagram (in Spanish)

Song: “Un elefante se balanceaba” – fun counting song!

Chapter 3

When you play the game “Elefante, Trompa Grande, trompa pequeña, rata” in the Teacher’s Guide, play the song Baby Elephant Walk. So much fun!

Chapter 4

If you need a more detailed explanation of the game of hopscotch, a great one can be found here:

Chapter 6

Song:Sálvame” by RBD
You could teach only the chorus. For older students it might be really fun to change the lyrics of the chorus to match up with Benito’s situation!

For the alternative group reinactment: If you don’t have access to clay in your classroom and want to make some recipes can be found online. At places such as:

Videos to discuss:

Moving large stones by hand video 1 

Moving large stones by hand video 2

Insecto atrapado Game

Chapter 6 (pre or post reading, but makes most sense if the class has done the Insecto atrapado PowerPoint as a pre-reading activity)

This game is a variation of London Bridge.

2 children are the plant and stand facing each other hands together in the air (just like in London Bridge)

All other children are in a line walking through the “plant” and going to the back of the line after they pass through.

Teacher slowly and rhythmically chants, “Insecto, insecto atrapado porque la planta le atrapó.”

When the teacher finishes saying “atrapó,” the two students who are the plant bring their arms down to trap whoever is passing under them.

Teacher rhythmically chants, “Si el insecto quiere escapar, el insecto tiene que bailar.”  OR Saltar, Caminar, Llorar, Nadar (or any other verb with which the students are familiar)

The child that is trapped must perform the action (still trapped inside the plant)

Teacher rhythmically chants, “El insecto baila, baila. El insecto baila, baila. El insecto baila, baila y ESCAPA de la planta.”

The students playing the part of the plant open their arms and the student playing the insect escapes, moving to the back of the line.

The “plant” puts their arms back up, the students begin again to walk underneath and the teacher chants the first chant, and the game begins again.

Optional: In order to give children the option of choosing whether or not they want to perform the action OR to add more variety to the game, first ask the trapped child

Ask the child: “¿Quieres escapar de la planta?”

To which the child should respond, “Sí” or “No.”

If the child says yes, continue with the 2nd chant.

If the child says no, say “El insecto no quiere escapar de la planta. El insecto está atrapado en la planta y no escapa. El insecto es parte de la planta.”

The child will then stand on either side and join their hands with the other two students who are the plant. This gives opportunity for the plant to grow, and potentially for more students to be trapped at once.

If more than one student becomes trapped (due to the growing plant), the new chants would be:

“Si los insectos quieren escapar, los insectos tienen que bailar.”

“Los insectos bailan, bailan. Los insectos bailan, bailan. Los insectos bailan, bailan y ESCAPAN de la planta.”

Chants can be written on the board so that students can chant along as well. The more the game is played, the more likely they will catch on and chant with you.

Chapter 7

Elephants rush to rescue baby elephant that fell in pool

Elephants rush to rescue baby elephant from pool (with music)

Baby elephant stuck in a water hole gets rescued by mother

Thank you to the Inspired Treehouse for the game “Rabbit Hole” which we adapted for the game “How many people can enter?”

Chapter 8

Tutorial on making the mini book
Another tutorial
Tutorial en español


Some great game ideas to celebrate the completion of the book!


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