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Set up E courses Carol LIVE 1


    • How do we modify Acquisition-driven Instruction for online classes?
    • What are some concrete strategies for teaching online?
    • How do I accomplish (a)synchronous instruction using E-courses?
    • How do E-courses work?
    • How do I enroll students?
    • How do I add additional students to my current course(s)?
    • What are the online quizzes/activities like?
    • How does it work if a purchasing agent or an administrator buys a course on my behalf? Can I still manage the course?
    • I’m going on leave; how do I share teacher access to my course?
    • How does the FVR E-library work?
    • What is the difference between an E-book and an E-course?
    • How do I get a discount if I am going to purchase multiple E-courses?
    • How long do the E-courses last?
    • Why can’t I transfer students in and out of classes and/or share student accounts?
    • My school budget has been cut.  Can I upload PDF copies of Fluency Matters readers on our school password-protected site?
    • Can I read FM readers to my students during an online meeting?


These questions are just a start! Bring  us your questions, and we’ll be ready with answers!




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  • August 22, 2020
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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