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Chapter 1

Introduce your students to L’aéroport Charles de Gaulle 

Level 1 and 2 students won’t catch every word, but asking students to watch these videos with subtitles and maybe even at 0.75 speed gives them a chance to listen for words they do recognize.  Can your students catch 5-10 words in French they understand? 

Je fais ma valise en Français 

Tutorial: Comment bien faire la valise 

La famille  L’arbre généalogique pour enfants – Vocabulaire – Papa, maman, frère, grands-parents… 


Chapter 2

See this website below for information about Teaching the circle of care. 

Simple infographic showing French and American comparisons of family dynamics 


Chapter 3

Infographic sources for the Infographie Interpretive reading IPA task: 

Warmup Image: Fumer au volant – Can your students figure out what this infographic is advertising?  This page could spark a 3-4 minute conversation about the difference in laws in other countries and what travelers might want to know before driving in France. 


Chapter 4

Brain Break: Takeout! Quick vs. MacDo 


Suggested videos for the  À la cantine Task 

Ils se régalent à la cantine 

Je préfère manger à la cantine 

Luçon : à Ste Ursule, on préfère manger à la cantine !

Le collège Alain Gerbault engagé contre le gaspillage alimentaire

Saint-Etienne : la cantine modèle – La Quotidienne la suite


Chapter 5

Brain breaks to reduce stress: 

Méditations guidées pour les enfants 


Stress-relieving accounts or posts on Instagram

Zen Garden sand art – no language 

Object Arranger 




Headspace for Educators: Free accounts for all teachers to support you in bringing mindfulness to the classroom 


Dance away the stress!  Easy choreography for student dance activity. 


Zumba with Maitre Gims and Black M 

Music brain break for the same song: 


Chapter 6


Songs for students to enjoy 


Stromae: Ta fête 

Lyrics Training game with Ta fête 


Amir: la Fête 

Lyrics Training game with La fête 


Chapter 7


These sites and videos provide visual references for La Maison Cartier 

Cartier: The official website of La Maison

History of Cartier: The Jeweler to the  Kings and Queens

The Tutti Frutti Collection

Expo Cartier à Paris 2018 


Chapter 8

Websites to elaborate beyond the slideshow “Le Texto”

Text message generating site: 


La langue SMS 


How to text in French 


Infographic sources from La France et la Luxe: 

Site: Les dix marques de luxe les plus valorisées du monde



Additional source from 2016: 


Brain breaks: 

What is a sapeur? (note – stop at 3:20, after this time stamp they discuss beer) 

Maître Gims – Sapé comme jamais 

Les sapeurs au Canada expliqués en français 


Chapter 9

IPA Interpretive reading sources: 

Le Figaro Infographic for the Carlton diamond heist



Another infographic you might prefer to use: 


Brain Break: What is the Cannes Film Festival? 

En français: 

American news coverage of the heist: 

For higher levels: 

C’est quoi la palme d’or? 


Chapter 10

Culture – Coco Chanel 


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