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Would you like to read more in-depth about Felipe Alou’s life? This is his autobiography, published in 2018. It’s a great read! Alou: My Baseball Journey by Felipe Alou

We also recommend the series “Black in Latin America” available on Amazon Streaming.

Chapter 1

Please take some time to view some of the following resources to familiarize yourself with the historical and cultural settings of this novel.

This short video shows what life is like for Haitian migrant sugarcane field workers. They work 15-18 hour days for the equivalent of $3. They live in camps called batays.

Trujillo: El poder del Jefe III This video contains original footage of the ruthless dictator.

Era de Trujillo Part 1 Part 2

Chapter 2

This is a fantastic resource with many slideshows depicting the Dominican Republic.

More information on the family of Felipe Rojas Alou

Chapter 4

Here is a short video about Baseball in the DR (English).

Chapter 5

In this chapter, you will find a reading about Haitians who continue to face extreme discrimination in the Dominican Republic. You may want to show this video before having students do the reading.

The man in the video is a Dominican-born Haitian who holds a government ID and passport from the Dominican Republic, and is married to a US citizen. However, he is unable to join his wife in the US because he cannot obtain a visa. Because he is a “child of Haitians” he is not officially recognized as a full citizen of the Dominican Republic even though he was born there.

Chapter 9

Jonronero song

Chapter 10

Felipe Alou Jeopardy Game


Kristine Keefe created this Breakout activity for the Felipe Alou reader. Blog post  Activity

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