All of today’s gifts have been claimed! Check back tomorrow for another chance to win. Keep in mind that clues will post at various times to accommodate for different time zones. Don’t worry West Coast people! We feel your pain… (Remember Carol is in AZ.) 

Congratulations to the following Dec. 1 Winners:
Karen Latus, TN
Samantha Jones, TN
Jeremy Smith, OH
Jessica Basanta, KY
Kaitlin Leppert, WI
Melissa Lopez, IL
Nancy Colins, MI
John Sifert, IA
Laura Medina, TN
Tiffany Hernandez, TN
Lynn Heil, MI
Diane Farrug, NC


*Love the cooperative learning.

Today’s Gift: A free class 5-month e-course subscription for the reader of your choice for up to 75 students. (limited to available titles)
If you reach the ‘finish line in time and are one of the winners, select a title from the list of E-courses (See link above.), enable group registration (located above the quantity) and enter the quantity 75. Enter the coupon code and click submit.

This is a race! Only the first 12 people to finish the mission will claim the prize!

If you get an error message when you enter the coupon code, that means the max number of prizes (codes) have already been used. As soon as the Fluency Matters Team verifies that the prizes have been claimed, we will update the blog and post on Twitter and Facebook.

1. Luís Urzúa and the other Chilean miners were trapped for 70 days!
2. Kristy Placido shared the power of using sound (acoustics) to enhance learning/acquisition.
3. This iFLT presenter wrote several books with ‘night’ in each title.


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