What is the difference between the Webinar ‘Series’ and the ‘Cohort Package’?

The webinar series includes six live webinars in which presenters (Carol Gaab, Kristy Placido and Carrie Toth) will share strategies and lesson ideas. Questions are submitted via chat texts and answered during the webinar. The live webinars will be recorded so that participants can go back and review the information during the next six weeks.


The cohort includes the six webinars, PLUS six follow-up private sessions that will take place one week after the live webinar. Cohort members will be given an assignment, based on the content of the webinar. Each assignment will involve implementing the strategies presented during the webinar. Cohort members will share struggles and successes, ask questions, get feedback, brainstorm ideas, and collectively work toward becoming more effective language facilitators.

How is a cohort different from a live webinar?

A webinar is a ‘presentation’. All participants are muted. Questions are submitted via chat text in the webinar platform.


A cohort session is a multi-directional conversation/brainstorm session in which members share their questions, ideas and concerns with the group. Participants can voice their questions/concerns via a live microphone. We’ll leave multiple point-to-point cameras running so that members and mentors can see each other. (Don’t worry!! You can still enjoy PD in your PJs!) Members will also be able to share lessons and even video clips from their own classrooms if they choose to.


Our cohort will be a tight-knit group where you will find support, love, acceptance, helpful feedback, specific suggestions, great ideas and a genuine desire to help you become an effective, more confident language facilitator!

Can I get continuing ed credits for participating?

Yes! Graduate level credits will be available through the University of the Pacific. There are multiple courses you could choose, based on your interest(s) and how you want to connect to each webinar topic.


Registration and all coursework go directly through the U of P.

See course options.

Will the webinars and sessions be recorded?

All webinars will be recorded, and registered participants will have access to them for six weeks– minimum.  We can’t leave them online indefinitely, because we will need to free up space to house more current webinar recordings.


The cohort sessions will be recorded, and members (ONLY!) will have access to them until the end of the semester.

What happens if I miss a session or a webinar?

No worries! All webinars and sessions will be recorded so you’ll be able to watch the recording to see what you missed.

Will you add the recorded webinars and sessions to the new training site?

Recorded webinars will most likely be added- EVENTUALLY. There is no guarantee that all will make it to the training site, and there is no guarantee when. All recorded webinars are edited, and that takes time! The more interactive the live webinar, the LESS likely it will be edited and published on the training site.

What is the cost?

Individual Webinars – $25 each (x 6 = $150)

Webinar Series – $99 (save $51.00)

Cohort Package – $139 (save $11)

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