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Carol Gaab

Carol Gaab has been committed to creating and publishing acquisition-driven materials since 1997 when she began writing and editing materials for CW Publishing. She started her own company in 2001 and has since edited, authored, authored, co-authored and published hundreds of acquisition-driven teaching resources, TPRS curricula at all levels, and numerous comprehension-based readers. She is author of the popular  Brandon Brown series and numerous other titles: Brandon Brown quiere un perro, Brandon Brown hace trampa, Brandon Brown dice la verdad, Brandon Brown vs. Yucatan, El nuevo Houdini, Esperanza and Felipe Alou: Desde los valles a las montañas, Problemas en Paraíso, La hija del Sastre, Piratas del Caribe y el Triángulo de las Bermudas, Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto.


Passionate about aligning classroom practices with the principles of language acquisition, Carol has also authored various articles on best teaching practices for educational publications, including Language Educator, Language Magazine, and various independent blogs. She has also reviewed, edited and contributed to various articles written by researchers and educators across the country.


In addition to writing, Carol has been providing teacher training in acquisition approaches to language teaching for (inter)national schools and universities since 1996. A frequent presenter at ACTFL, iFLT, and many other state, regional and international conferences, Carol was also a presenter for the Bureau of Education and Research for 9 years. She was the director of the International Multi-cultural Conference for five years and continues to serve as the sponsor and director of the iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching) Conference.


Carol was a Spanish and ESL teacher for 25 years, teaching in both private and public-school settings, as well as teaching for five Major League Baseball clubs. From 1995-2015, Carol was the director and lead teacher for the San Francisco Giant’s U.S.-based English language program and directed both the U.S. and Dominican Education Programs from 2011-2015.

Kristy Placido

Kristy Placido

Kristy Placido has been teaching all levels of high school Spanish in Michigan since 1997. Driven by her desire to provide quality reading experiences for her own students, Kristy has authored several well-known comprehension-based readers: Robo en la noche, Noches misterosas en Granada, Frida Kahlo, Noche de oro, Hasta la sepultura, Vidas impactantes, Leyendas impactantes and Mata la Piñata. She is also the co-author of various other comprehension-based materials.


Known for creating acquisition-driven, proficiency-based resources, Kristy also develops curricular materials, teacher’s guides, cultural units and other teaching resources. She is a lead editor for Fluency Matters and an expert in designing texts to be both compelling and conducive to language acquisition. Kristy was awarded the iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching) ‘2019 CI Innovations’ award.


Kristy also provides extensive teacher training locally, nationally, and internationally, and is one of the lead presenters at the annual iFLT conference. Kristy has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Teaching and shares her knowledge through her own blog at She is also the lead blogger and chief editor of Fluency Matters’ blog ‘’.

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Carrie Toth

Carrie Toth is a National Geographic certified Spanish teacher in Salem, IL. After 24 years serving in the classroom she now serves as a local, regional, and national workshop presenter and keynote speaker. Carrie is an active member of various professional organizations, including president of the Illinois Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages.


In 2006, Carrie received National Board Certification in Spanish and in 2011, she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Spanish Education and was named the IPA Horace Mann Innovative Educator of the Year. In 2013, Carrie was named ICTFL Teacher of the Year and in 2014 Central States Teacher of the Year. In 2014 she represented CSCTFL at ACTFL as a finalist for the 2015 ACTFL TOY. In 2017, Carrie received National Geographic Educator Certification and actively creates resources that incorporate STEM topics into her classroom.


In addition to Carrie’s achievements as a teacher and trainer, she is also an accomplished author. She has created curriculum guides and teacher’s guides, and ancillary materials the well-known comprehension-based readers, Bianca Nieves, La Hija del sastre, and La Calaca Alegre. Her blog is Somwheretoshare.

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Teri Wiechart

Teri Wiechart is a retired French teacher with 35 years classroom experience. Since retiring, she has served as a consultant to the Ohio Department of Education to update Ohio’s K-12 learning standards. Teri also consults with school districts to help them implement the new standards. A teacher trainer since 2001, Teri specializes in guiding educators to acquisition-driven instruction through peer coaching and mentorship.  In addition to providing independent consulting services, Teri also serves as the program chair and the coaching coordinator for iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching).


She also served in various capacities for the National TPRS Conference from 2007-2015, including presenter, coach and coaching coordinator. Teri has also contributed to the organization of the Agen, France workshop since its inception in 2013, working as program coordinator and coordinator of the Coaching Team.


Working to spread the word of Teaching with Comprehensible Input as it leads to Language Acquisition, Teri started a monthly support group for Central Ohio and co-teaches an introductory course through OFLA on Teaching towards Language Acquisition. Since 2005, she has also has been actively involved on the Executive Board of the OFLA (Ohio Foreign Language Association), holding many offices including President, 2013-2014, Membership Chair, Professional Development Chair and Chair of the Scholarship Committee. Teri is the recipient of the 2018 OFLA ‘Distinguished Career Award’ and currently lives in Grove City, Ohio.

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Annabelle Allen
(La Maestra Loca)

Annabelle Allen is a passionate Spanish teacher with experience teaching all levels and ages, 2 to 82. In addition to teaching in Colorado and Louisiana, Annabelle also spent a year teaching in China in 2014-2015.


Annabelle is dedicated to acquisition-driven instruction and is known for classroom management strategies that sustain attention and facilitate acquisition. She enjoys helping students of ALL ages acquire the Spanish language, rather than just learn it. She is a gifted  Annabelle instructional coach and mentor CI-based methodologies and a regular presenter for Fluency Matters.


Annabelle is on a mission to spread acquisition-friendly strategies throughout Louisiana, the Nation, and the world so that more students can benefit from acquiring a second language! In her free time Annabelle loves eating, spending lots of time with her fiancé and his little girl Isla Rose, and blogging at


Cynthia Hitz

Cynthia Hitz  has been teaching Spanish since 2000 and is currently teaching at Palmyra Area High School in PA. She has presented at state and national conferences on teaching with CI and TPRS in world language classes. She is a regular presenter for Fluency Matters webinars and iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching).


In 2016, she was awarded the Teacher Impact Award from WGAL TV, which is an award that recognizes K-12 teachers in south central Pennsylvania who have made a significant difference in the lives of their students. She was instrumental in converting her school’s World Language Department into a department that teaches with TPRS/CI. She shares activities and materials on her blog, Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input Her Twitter handle is @sonrisadelcampo.

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