STUDENT ENROLLMENT: Inbound Communication from Google


To auto-enroll students from Google Classroom:


  1. On the Group Registration page, scroll down and click on the tab: “Add Users from Google Classroom.”
  2. A blue button will appear that says, “Link my Google Account.” Click on the button and log into Google when the prompt appears.
  3. A series of windows will pop up asking you to approve access to Google. Click Allow for each pop-up.
  4. Once you have cycled through the small pop-ups, a final page will appear requiring you to allow all of the selected items. Click Allow.
  5. A SUCCESS message will appear on the Group Registration page, along with a button to “Import Students.” Determine if you want to add students with or without email and check the box accordingly.






If you enroll students from Google, you will NOT have the option to pre-assign a password.  If random Passwords are generated, teachers have two options for obtaining student passwords/log-in information:


A) Look for the pop-up window to DOWNLOAD USER DATA that appears immediately upon completion of student import. Download the User Data report so that you have a record of student log-in.


B) Once students are imported, simply click the “CHANGE PASSWORD” button next to each student. Paste in the same default password for each student and tell them to change their password when they log in for the first time. You can change your students’ passwords at any time.

Assigning Classwork (Quizzes/Activities) in Google Classroom



When you link specific groups to Google classroom, ALL quizzes/activities will post to your Coursework tab for the class selected. Be sure to select the corresponding Google class to avoid assigning coursework in the wrong group!

If you do not want all quizzes to be assigned, simply delete the ones you do not need. Keep in mind that once you delete quizzes from Google, they are gone for good, unless you DE-authorize your Google account, remove all students and start the enrollment process over again. Quizzes NEVER delete off FluencyMatters, and students will always be able to access them on



Once you have linked your Google account, you will have the option to create Coursework for each group. Check the box next to each class for which you want to create Coursework.

NOTE: You may want to go to your Google classroom settings and TURN OFF E-mail NOTIFICATIONS to avoid a flood of emails being sent from Google to both teacher and students. 


Google Create Coursework


Remove (delete) from the Classwork tab in Google any quizzes / activities  that you do no want students to complete / for which you do not want to see a grade in your Google gradebook.


Please note: Once you delete a quiz/activity…

• any grades that may have been recorded for that activity/quiz will be deleted from your Google Gradebook.


• there is no way to add it back to your Google Classwork… unless you de-authorize your FM account (from Google) and re-authenticate on the Fluency Matters Group Registration page. De-authorizing and re-authorizing your FM on your Google account would result in deletion of all information currently stored in your Google classroom. 


• the quiz will still be available on, and while the grade will be recorded in your Fluency Matters’ Gradebook, it will NOT be sent to your Google gradebook.



On the Google Classwork tab, the teacher has the ability to move assignments up or down and/or drag them into any order they choose.

Sending Grades to Google: Outbound Communication to Google

Please note: Teachers must first link their Fluency Matters account to Google. 

  • Students must authenticate their Fluency Matters account to connect to Google Classroom. This must be done BEFORE any quizzes are completed. Any scores achieved before Authentication will NOT transfer to Google. Students will need to retake the quiz AFTER authentication in order for the grade to transfer.
    1. Open the E-course.
    2. Click on the prompt to Authenticate.
    3. A SUCCESS message should appear. When it does, student grades will automatically appear in the Teacher’s Google Gradebook.


• Google Gradebook will record the LAST score achieved.

— While the LearnDash Gradebook on Fluency Matters will record the HIGHEST score achieved, Google will retain the LAST score received.

— You have the option to download various Grade Reports from your LearnDash Gradebook on From the Gradebook, scroll to the bottom of your class list and select the desired report. You can download the Gradebook, which only includes the HIGHEST score or a report that includes EVERY score attained.

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