FVR FLEX E-Library Per-student Pricing


The more E-course titles you purchase, the more you save on E-courses and E-books!

Number of E-courses Purchased

E-course 1


E-course 2


E-course 3


E-course 4

E-course price per student**








      E-book price per student







FREE FVR FLEX E-Library*!      

**E-course price is dependent upon the number of students.

*FLEX: Select E-books to build your own custom FVR E-Library!

Looking for FVR E-Library Packages? Prices as low as 15¢ per book!



1..Peruse E-course selection and select your first title. Create groups for ONE title only.

2. Create your groups by entering the number of students in each group for the title of your choice. If you are not familiar with how to purchase and create your groups, watch the How to Purchase / Create Groups video

3. Proceed to checkout and complete your order.

4. If you are purchasing four E-courses, please indicate the 13 E-book titles that you would like added to your purchase. If you need recommendations for titles, please add a note at check-out that you need help selecting titles.


If paying by credit card, your first title will automatically appear in your profile. Please call or fax the subsequent titles that you would like to purchase at the discounted rate and also indicate FVR E-Library for each applicable group. Once you confirm title(s)/E-Library and submit payment (either by phone or fax), Fluency Matters will add the additional E-courses and E-books to your groups.


If paying by Purchase Order, complete your order and fax your purchase order to 480-963-3463. On the PO, include the order # and the additional discounted titles that you would like added to your order.

 Terms & Conditions:


  1. Special FVR pricing valid on Fluency Matters E-books only.
  2. Spanish FLEX FVR E-Library consists of 13 E-books; French consists of 11 E-books. German E-Library consists of four free E-books with the purchase of 3 German E-courses.
  3. Offer ends September 30, 2020.
  4. Discount(s) cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons or offers, with the exception of the summer promotion for multiple E-course title discount.
  5. Discounts only available on FVR E-Library purchased for SAME group(s).
  6. FVR E-Library cannot be added or purchased for additional groups.
  7. E-Library can not be shared, transferred or substituted.
  8. All E-course Terms and Conditions apply.

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