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It’s that time of year when we are supposed to be grateful. For some, it’s easier said than done. Life brings various seasons– some wonderful and some terrible. In all things, good and bad, life is so much better if we focus on the water in the bottom of the glass rather than the void at the top.

These past few years have brought sadness and pain, just as they have for many of you reading this blog. I lost my brother and my father. I have other family members who are battling various challenges and friends who are gravely ill. I have loved ones who I know I will not see again on this Earth. There are days I feel completely overwhelmed and stressed and other days when I am just completely exhausted. I am not bearing my soul for sympathy or attention. I am sharing only because social media gives the illusion that some have perfect lives without a hint of sadness, struggles and/or pain.

If there is breath in your body, you will experience hurt, sadness, loss, stress, etc. I have found that there is ONE thing that helps me get through those tough times more than anything else… being grateful! This past weekend I missed ACTFL for the first time in 20 years. While I could lament missing out on the most successful ACTFL Fluency Matters has ever experienced, I would much rather tell you how grateful and inspired I am.

First, if you have never set up a booth for a conference, you can’t really appreciate (as much as I do) the tremendous sacrifice and effort that these people put forth to make ACTFL 2019 a huge success for Fluency Matters! Many thanks to Michelle Kindt, Kristy Placido, Vicki Narducci, Pegi Gaudet, Frank N., for making the booth look SO beautiful! #Thankful

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I am so grateful for these same people (Teri, Kristy, Pegi, Vicki, Frank) and a few more who helped with tear-down and clean-up! Carrie Toth and Robert Harrel.

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I’m grateful to have been able to contribute to ACTFL, not only as an exhibitor, but as a SPONSOR!

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I’m thankful to all the FM Team members who helped to not only manage the mob, but also who mentored, inspired and befriended colleagues new and old. Many thanks to:

Vicki Narducci,  Robert Harrell, Carrie Toth, Kristy Placido, Teri Wiechart, Pegi Gaudet, Anny Ewing, Donna Tatum-Johns, Cindy Hitz, Annabelle Allen, Darcy Pippins, Leslie Davison, Diana Noonan, Melisa Lopez, Laureen Davison, Annabelle Williamson, Hannah Coward, Faith Laux, Amy Wopat, Bethanie Drew and all the others who pitched in to help. If I missed you, please tell me!!

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I’m thankful for the all of the teachers who spent HOURS writing sub plans so that they would be able to learn more to improve their craft. I’m thankful for their patience as they waded through crowds of people to get to the Fluency Matters’s booth, waited in checkout lines, and waited for assistance from the FM Team! Thank you to all of you who braved the crowds and the chaos to buy FM books! 

I’m grateful to all who played Lingo with us and grateful we had some very happy and appreciative winners.

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I’m grateful for colleagues and friends who not only covered my sessions, but rocked them. Thank you Kristy Placido, Carrie Toth, Cindy Hitz and Donna Tatum Johns! I uploaded session handouts to the Fluency Matters ACTFL page.  I also uploaded them to ACTFL.  

IMG 2775
IMG 2903

The “Taking the Plunge” session presented by Kristy Placido and Carrie Toth was livestreamed to Fluency Matters’ Facebook page

If you’re interested in seeing the “Taking Plunge” webinar I presented for Teachers’ Discovery / CI Midwest you can see it on YouTube.

I’m grateful to friends and colleagues who sent me sweet messages throughout the weekend, making me feel loved and missed. I’m also grateful for all those who attended my (and Donna Tatum-John’s) session and the Fluency Matters sessions.


I’m grateful to those mentioned me in their sessions too!

IMG 1436

I’m so grateful to all of our colleagues who helped to make clean-up a breeze 😉

IMG 1419

I’m grateful for so many more people, and I wish I had more time to list you all. Nevertheless, I can’t! I need to get to the hospital! We’re having a babyyyyy! And I’m so grateful….

Thank you to all who have supported us this past year! We’re SO grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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