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Use the CSV TEMPLATE provided below to create your spreadsheet. Be sure to keep the headers in place, exactly as you see them on the template! 


If you have NOT pre-assigned log-in information (email/username and password) or are using Google integration to enroll students, remember to download the USER data once your CSV file has finished uploading. If you add students individually, there is NO option to download User Data.


If simply purchasing another title for a current class/group, Email  E-Learning and ask us to place your new course with an existing group. No need to upload the same students again.


Email or call 800-877-4738


NOTE: To calculate the cost, multiply the number of E-books and/or E-courses in your group by the applicable price:

E-course: 5-30 students: $4.75 per student, per E-course

E-book: 5-75 students: $4.00 per student per E-book.

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