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Language learning is a misnomer, since it is impossible to develop proficiency (or fluency) through conscious learning. Authentic communication is managed by a system that is by nature, unconscious.  Proficiency can only be developed by interacting with compelling contextualized Comprehensible Input (CI) through an unconscious process called ‘acquisition.’ Learn more.

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Because it is impossible to consciously ‘learn’ language for the sake of developing communicative competence, it is futile to try to ‘teach’ language. The key to fluency is to create a language-rich environment abundant in compelling contextualized comprehensible input (CI) for the purpose of facilitating L2 acquisition. This requires a shift in the educator role from teacher to facilitator.

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The only way to develop true communicative competence is by sustaining interaction in the target language using CI in ways that engage, inspire and direct complete attention to interesting messages vs. the chore of learning language. Our training and materials can help you do just that! Whether you want to learn TPRS, video-based instruction or other CI-based strategies, Fluency Matters has you covered!

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Our comprehension-based readers are unrivaled in their effectiveness for sustaining student engagement and developing proficiency. Every Fluency Matters reader meets specific criteria, including a level-appropriate unique-word count, a high frequency factor (the number of exposures to core language structures within a text), and a captivating plot that appeals to all genders and age groups.

Featured Comprehension-based Readers!

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