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Chapter 1

Below is an example of laws about leaving minor children home alone in Minnesota.

This video can be watched as a whole class. This video contains more than the information that is included in the Slide Presentation. It is up to you how much you would like to look at with your students. The brain craves novelty and you do not want to spend so much time on this that students start to lose interest.

In this chapter, we see the flight itinerary for Brandon’s parents’ trip to Hawaii. Visit this site with your students. Have them reserve a flight and create a mock “Reiseplan” for themselves. See if they can find the following words in German:

One way / Round trip / Flight / search /Adult

Chapter 2

Classic Car Tours International organizes classic car tours throughout Europe. Classic car collecting is quite common in Europe. Wouldn’t Brandon’s father love to take his T-bird on a Classic Car Tour International vacation? Click on the link below to discover tours that cater to classic car collectors who want to drive their own cars on some of the finest roadways in the world, while taking in breathtaking scenery.

Car racing in Europe:

  • FIA GT Championship – A GT racing series, predominantly in Europe but some rounds elsewhere
  • GT4 European Cup – A GT4 racing series, predominantly in Europe but some rounds elsewhere
  • Le Mans Series – Sister series to the ALMS, run mostly in Europe (formerly the LMES).
  • FIA Sportscar Championship – FIA’s now-defunct prototype racing series – most races ended up part of the Le Mans Series
  • Interserie – German based series, originally similar to Can-Am
  • Belcar (Belgian National GT Championship)
  • Radical European Masters – European level One-make Sportscars series

Chapter 3

Compare and Contrast: Price of gasoline in Germany and the USA

In Germany gas is heavily taxed and, therefore, gas is more expensive than in the USA. As a consequence, Germans tend to drive smaller cars, drive less, and use public transportation much more often than Americans. Gasoline is sold in liters in Europe. A good hands on activity to do to would be to show students in class the difference between a liter of water and a gallon of water. Perhaps you could do this using milk jugs and have the students physically pour first a liter and then a gallon. To show how densely occupied Germany is, use duct tape to make a square on the floor. Using the list below, you could have a number of students stand in the square to show how densely populated Germany is in comparison to the USA. 2015 2015

Einwohner pro Quadratmeile (below is a list of the countries my students come from)

Deutschland                           231

Kanada                        3.5

Eritrea                        57

Somalia                        17

Ӓthiopien                    89

Guatemala                   149

Frankreich                   117

UK                              262

USA                            33

Island                          3

China                          146

Indien                         390

Laos                            29

Vietnam                       281

die Türkei                    97

Minnesota                   68

Another idea would be to use this diagram to explain the 3Ps cultural triangle to students. You could have your students research the cost of gas in both countries and present their findings to the class. Read more about the 3Ps here!

For example, Germans tend to have the perspective that we should do all we can to reduce the causes of climate change. Therefore, they use public transportation more and drive smaller cars. They then buy less gasoline. Smart Cars would be an example of a German product in the above cultural triangle.

Chapter 4

Guten Appetit?
Brandon and Jamie went to O’Donalds. How boring!
German teenagers do eat at McDonald’s but they also eat other fast food.   Two popular fast foods in Germany are the Döner and Currywurst. There is a “Fast Food in Deutschland” Slideshow Presentation in this Teacher’s Guide which would be useful to use as a springboard to discuss German fast food with your students.

You might want to teach your students this fun song by Tim Toupet…”Ich bin ein Döner”. original.

There are other video versions on Youtube but be careful to watch them first before using them in the classroom.

Döner Kebab Restaurant in Minnesota

Currywurst This is a cooking video and there is no dialogue. You could use it as a Movie Talk with students and describe in German what you see as the clip plays. PQA would also work well here. Ask your students:

Magst du Bratwurst? Magst du Ketchup? Magst du Curry?
Hast du je Currywurst gegessen? Hat es dir geschmeckt? Willst du Currywurst probieren?
Sollen wir Currywurst beim nächsten Deutsch Klub machen?

Infographic on German fast food

Chapter 7

The following 2 songs are fun to use on the topic of cars.

Uwe Kind – Mein Auto ist kaputt

Max Mutzke – Automobil

View these images with your students:

image 1       image 2       image 3       image 4

Ask the following questions while viewing the images:

Wie kann man einen Kratzer reparieren? Müssen das immer Experten machen? Hast du das schon probiert?

Ein Lackreparaturstift kann auch helfen. Der Kratzer muss aber klein sein. Ist es billiger in die Werkstatt zu fahren, oder die Reparatur selbst zu machen?

After reading der neue Houdini

CAN-DO STATEMENT FOR der neue Houdini

This novel is designed to address ACTFL/NCSSFL Can-Do statements for language learners.

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