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Chapter 1

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Houdini Spn TG 01 corrected pages We had a mislabeled present tense crossword puzzle and a typo in the present tense quiz. Here are the corrected pages with our apologies!

Autos clásicos – classic cars in Spain and around the world.

More autos clásicos

Classic car collecting is more common in Europe than in Latin America.   Due to unstable economic conditions in many countries, the majority of Latin Americans cannot afford to purchase classic cars or luxury vehicles.

Chapter 3

Video from the Chicago History Museum about Lowriders (please preview, there is one mild use of profanity)

Chapter 4

Visit this site. What does the title of the site (Como limpiar la casa sin usar productos químicos) mean?

What is the topic explored by this page of the website?

Can you identify at least 10 cognates or known vocabulary words on the page?

En este video puedes ver cómo se hace el ketchup en Guadalajara, Mexico.

Hecho en América Latina presenta a Hiram Vilchez, del Discovery Channel.

Chapter 5

Caillou va al autolavado

Chapter 6

Check out to make great comics of your favorite scenes!

Chapter 7

  • This chapter is called “Una foto especial.” Just for fun, you may wish to have your students bring in a “foto especial” of themselves and take turns telling something about their fotos in Spanish.
  • Idea: set up a “selfie station” for students to take their own special photos! Put up colorful paper or fabric, place a basket of fun props and costumes, and let students have fun for a few minutes. If you have social media for your classroom, encourage them to share! (Be aware of your school’s social media and photo sharing policies!)
  • Through Googlebooks you can access the book “Teens in Mexico” by Brian Baumgart. It is full of images and interesting information that you may wish to share with your students! Here is a shortened address that will take you to the book:

After reading El nuevo Houdini

Houdini Breakout Game created by Julie Thompson

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