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iFLT 2018 FOMO Webinar Series!

August 6 – The Name of the Game is Comprehensible Input by Cindy Hitz, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Games serve as an interactive and fun way to teach for proficiency and provide additional CI of structures and vocabulary found in novels, class stories, and MovieTalks. In this webinar you will learn about 10+ energizing games to play in the target language that engage the students, focus on comprehensible input, and create class community. It’ll be a “game-changer”.

August 13 (Part 1) August 20 (Part 2) – 10 Tips to Classroom Management by Annabelle Allen, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Teachers can deliver perfect, sheltered, compelling, comprehensible input all day every day, but if the classroom is not set up as a community, where students and teachers have a mutual respect for each other the input will not be acquired. This presentation will explore ten key components to a rock solid management system which, when implemented correctly, establishes a sense of community which in turn maximizes student engagement, enthusiasm, and acquisition. Delivering quality compelling comprehensible input is so much easier if the classroom is on board and eager to acquire!

September 10 – Content-Based Comprehensible Input, by Carrie Toth, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Student engagement is easy when classroom content encompasses their strengths and passions. In addition to acquiring language every day in our classrooms, they can also be developing skills in other disciplines. In this session we will look at the wealth of resources available through National Geographic Education and how they connect to Fluency Matters reading materials. Language acquisition can occur with any engaging story, why not use stories of our living planet. Participants will also explore the National Geographic certification process, its application to our classroom curriculum, and the benefits of becoming certified.

September 11 – AP from the Ground Up: What a Vertically Aligned CI Program Looks Like, by Darcy Pippins, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Building a successful Advanced Placement program has to start at the novice level. In this webinar, the presenter will walk you through her AP curriculum starting at level 1. Participants will see examples of CI activities, strategies and techniques used in language classes that are designed to support students in achieving advanced-level proficiency and passing the AP Language and Culture Exams. See how this AP teacher incorporates the 6 AP themes, and speaking, reading, writing and listening in her classes without teaching explicit grammar.
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