What’s New in 2018?

‘Teaching’ Labs: an authentic opportunity to hone your skills
Concentric and Socratic Forums
Specific training for ‘Advanced Beginners’
Cohort-style training for intermediate skill levels
AND a specific Chinese track!

Differentiated Training for All Skill and Experience Levels

Five tracks to choose from

Beginning TCI with Carol Gaab

Appropriate for those who:

  • are new to the principles of second language acquisition
  • are new to teaching for acquisition
  • are interested in learning how to more immediately apply a variety of fundamental skills and techniques for facilitating acquisition.

Observe language labs and  attend various sessions in the morning. Track in various CI-focusess sessions every afternoon and practice skills in small coaching groups.

Advanced Beginning TPRS with Katya Paukova

Appropriate for those who:

  • have a working knowledge of the principles of second language acquisition and understand the implications for the language classroom.
  • are still working toward implementing the TPRS method in their classrooms.
  • are interested in honing  their TPRS skills, specifically circling, asking a story and extended readings.

Observe language labs, attend TPRS-specific sessions and practice skills in small coaching groups.

Advanced Beginning CI Skill-Building with Diana Noonan

Appropriate for those who:

  • understand the principles of second language acquisition and how they inform instruction.
  • are familiar with teaching for acquisition, but have not yet  independently implemented CI-based instruction.
  • have had previous CI and/or TPRS training, but have not consistently been able to maintain acquisition-driven instruction.

Attend a full-day workshop with Diana on Tuesday. Observe language labs and  attend various sessions in the morning. Attend various sessions with Diana and practice skills in small coaching groups.

Digging Deeper with Intermediate Cohorts

Appropriate for those who:

  • understand how the principles of second language acquisition inform instructional practices.
  • have implemented SLA-focused instruction with inconsistent success.
  • are interested in implementing SLA-focused instruction with more ease, less stress, more consistency and more naturally.

– New system to help you better identify your own skill level.
– Each cohort will be led by an iFLT premiere presenter.
– Embedded coaching will be facilitated by the presenter with the support of a team of experienced coaches.

Advantages to Cohort-style Format:

  • Intimate atmosphere provides for personalized instruction.
  • Highly skilled coaches will help you to develop your own style.
  • Build on your strengths and develop skills that complement your personality and interests.
  • Collaborate with colleagues who are at your same skill level.
  • With this new system, there will be no need to cap enrollment; we will simply multiply into more cohorts

Experienced Track

Appropriate for those who:

  • can easily sustain comprehensible and engaging interaction in the target language at least 90% of the time.
  • understand TCI well and could teach it to someone else.

Given your knowledge and skill level, participants in this track will:

• Engage in small-group forums on day one, selecting from a menu of topics and sharing ideas/experiences with other like-minded professionals. Present a short session on a topic of your choice in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

• Network, plan and collaborate with like-minded colleagues in “Collaboration Rooms.”  A schedule of relevant topics will be posted and designated to specific rooms, just  for collaboration. (Delve deeper into SLA theory, collaborate on a culture study, find and organize resources, share music and songs, etc.)

• Have the opportunity to further refine your presentation skills through lunch-time “Ignite” sessions.

• Select from an extensive menu of sessions focused on a wide variety of relevant topics.

• Work with highly trained coaches to hone both your coaching skills AND your teaching skills.

NOTE: Teachers in the experienced track will have ample opportunities to work collaboratively with other like-minded professionals who have similar levels of experience and similar interest in pushing themselves to improve and grow in SLA-friendly practices and in their understanding of SLA.

Unique, innovative training platforms, exclusively for Experienced Teachers

‘Teaching’ Labs:

Live language classes led by a master teacher / seasoned trainer*, who will guide 5 carefully selected experienced teachers as they put their skills to work in an authentic classroom with real students.

*Advanced Beginning Spanish with Leslie Davison
*Beginning French* with Paul Kirschling

  • Get guided practice through an authentic classroom environment.
  • Benefit from observing colleagues and gaining insight from coaching feedback.

*The iFLT Team reserves the right to change the language, based on enrollment.


  • Must be registered for iFLT 2018 to apply.
  • Must apply and submit two 10-minute continuous feed videos highlighting your classroom instruction.
  • Must commit to morning language classes Tuesday – Friday

NOTE: Teaching Labs are open to all participants for observation purposes.


Calling All Adult Language Students!
First consideration given to NON-teacher students. (i.e.: Community members, spouses or adult members of participants’ families, fellow (non-language) educators. If space allows, language teachers will be eligible to take the class as a student.

Reformatted Roundtable Forums led by Experienced Presenters

Concentric Forums allow for more knowledgeable/experienced teachers to lead the discussion in the ‘front lines’ while less experienced teachers can listen in the ‘safety zone’ from behind.

Socratic Forums will provide an opportunity to discuss hypotheses, eliminate and/or refine hypotheses and identify common truths among hypotheses and various approaches.

Submit your suggestions for Forum Topics! 


Language Labs:

Live language classes for grades 3 – 12, taught by master CI teachers.
– Drop in before class starts to hear master teacher perspectives, lesson objectives and strategies for sustaining interaction in the Target Language.
– Split the next 3 hours between training and observing:
Observe language classes for 1.25 hours / Attend a session for 1.25 hours.
Regroup and debrief with your learning lab teacher and colleagues to discuss execution of ideas/strategies and outcomes of  instruction.  Ask questions and listen to multiple perspectives as colleagues share questions and comments.


Collaboration Rooms

Share, discuss, create, collaborate on everything from SLA principles to lesson planning.


Lunch-Time Talks

These 5-minute presentations are a win-win for EVERYONE! They provide a great outlet for those who want to share a great idea, philosophy, or strategy and great inspiration for those who have come for a shot in the arm. They are absolutely invigorating!


Teachers of all skill levels will select from a menu of sessions and topics that are relevant to all languages, ages, grades, literacy levels, and skill levels.

Special Chinese Interest Group Sessions led by the internationally renowned, Linda Li.