What’s NEW in 2019?

OPI (oral proficiency interview) Familiarization Workshop with certified ACTFL facilitator

(Reserved for experienced Acquisition-Driven Instruction teachers only)


Training in understanding and applying ACTFL proficiency levels

(Open to all participants)


Roundtable Panel Discussion with Paul Sandrock, ACTFL Director of Education,

and a panel of the nation’s top instructors in acquisition-driven instruction

The most progressive and innovative iFLT event yet!

All participants will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time or ask questions during this one-hour panel discussion on understanding and aligning acquisition-driven instruction with ACTFL proficiency levels and Can-do Statements.

What’s Back in 2019?


‘Teaching’ Labs: an authentic opportunity to hone your skills
Concentric and Socratic Forums
Language Labs
Lunch Time Talks
Cohort-style training
Differentiated Training for All Skill and Experience Levels


Language Labs:

Live language classes for grades 3 – 12, taught by master CI teachers.
– Drop in before class starts to hear master teacher perspectives, lesson objectives and strategies for sustaining interaction in the Target Language.
– Split the next 3 hours between training and observing:
Observe language classes for 1.25 hours / Attend a session for 1.25 hours.
Regroup and debrief with your learning lab teacher and colleagues to discuss execution of ideas/strategies and outcomes of  instruction.  Ask questions and listen to multiple perspectives as colleagues share questions and comments.


Collaboration Rooms

Share, discuss, create, collaborate on everything from SLA principles to lesson planning.


Lunch-Time Talks

These 5-minute presentations are a win-win for EVERYONE! They provide a great outlet for those who want to share a great idea, philosophy, or strategy and great inspiration for those who have come for a shot in the arm. They are absolutely invigorating!

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