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The main purpose of our Language Camps is to provide an opportunity for teachers learning how to teach with Acquisition Driven Instruction. Teachers attending the FM-IFLT Conference will be observing these classes to learn from the master teachers leading the classes.


At the same time we offer one-of-a-kind experiences specifically designed to build communication skills, and to show how much fun and effective learning another language and culture can be.



camp 1



The classes are open to any student aged 8-100.  There is special pricing for students in the Saline Area Schools and Ann Arbor Public Schools (contact for the code for special registration cost.)


10:20-11:55 AM, Eastern Time
Saline High School
1300 Campus Pkwy, Saline, MI 48176







Strategies result in FUN, JOY and ACHIEVEMENT. The byproduct is PROFICIENCY!


Music: Naturally pick up common phrases and high-frequency words through a variety of songs.


Stories: Co-create stories with master storytellers and acquire language in the process.


Videos: Watch interesting videos, such as commercials, movie trailers, pranks, classroom clips, etc. and pick up tons of language in the process


Conversation: Discover how even beginners in the language can engage in authentic, relevant and COMPREHENSIBLE conversations!


Reading: Enjoy interesting, level-appropriate readings that are strategically written with students’ needs, age, level and interests in mind.



camp 2





Elementary: Beginning Spanish
Teacher: Annabelle Williamson
(Ages 8-11, Grades 3-5)


Middle School Beginning Spanish
Teacher: Skip Crosby
(Ages 12-14, Grades 6-8)


High School Advanced Spanish
Teacher: Marta Yedinak
(Ages 12-18, Grades 7-12)


Beginning Mandarin
Teacher: Haiyun Lu
(Ages 12-18, Grades 7-12)


Advanced French for Non-native French Teachers and Learners
Sabrina Sebban-Janczak
(Ages 18-100)
This class will be held VIRTUALLY.

Research suggests that teacher self-efficacy, feeling confident about your skills and abilities, and teacher target language proficiency are linked (Chacon, 2005, Yilmaz, 2011, Kindt, 2021).  Because ADI encourages consistent use of the TL by the teacher, boosting teacher TL proficiency can improve a teacher’s self-efficacy and thus inspire the use of TL in the classroom, which is linked to student TL proficiency (Vyn, Wesely, Neubauer, 2019).  As ADI trainers, it is important to us that WL teachers have both the language and instructional skills they need to perform the aspects of ADI as well as the self-confidence in their abilities to continue using it.  At IFLT, we want to address the whole teacher by giving you opportunities to improve your target language proficiency and develop your ADI skills.


*NOTE: Students will be grouped according to their previous language experience, current proficiency level, age and grade level.


Minimum age for participation in the Language Classes is 8 years or entering 3rd grade in the 2022-2023 school year.



camp 4





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