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Fluency Matters-International Forum on Language Teaching (FM-IFLT) was developed by a grassroots group inspired by a cadre of passionate language educators who wanted to create a gathering of like-minded language educators to further the field of acquisition-driven language instruction.


The IFLT conference specializes in training and preparing teachers to implement Acquisition Driven Instruction (ADI), such as Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI), Teaching for Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS), Total Physical Response (TPR), and  Comprehension-based Communicative Language Teaching (CCLT), as well as other methodologies and strategies that utilize the Comprehensible Input (CI) Hypothesis developed by Dr. Stephen Krashen.


This year we are venturing into uncharted territories, as we are planning a limited hybrid conference for 2022.  We are offering an IN-PERSON Conference at Saline High School, in Saline, MI (near Ann Arbor).  If you are unable to travel to Michigan, we are also offering a LIMITED ONLINE version of the conference for those BEGINNING their journey towards ADI.  This cohort will include online Coaching and Collaboration, with support team members dedicated to our online audience, as well as various sessions designed especially for you.


It is possible that we will be able to record some of our sessions and make them available after the conference.  It depends on the technology needs and availability.


We also know that it is possible that the pandemic may make it necessary to switch to an all ONLINE conference much like 2021.  That decision will be made in the spring when we can make more informed decisions.


Registration is now open with an Early Bird price of $399 available until MARCH 30, 2022.  Regular registration of $449 will be available until JUNE 15, 2022.


We are offering again Language Camps for students aged 8-18 and advanced language classes for language teachers wishing to improve their own proficiency in the language they teach.  Information and registration for the language camp.  


With Herculean effort, the inaugural conference was launched in 2010. Because of the tremendous amount of resources (time, financial backing, administrative and organizational staff) a conference of this magnitude requires, IFLT was turned over to Fluency Matters in 2013. Since its inception, the conference has gained the respect and support from language educators around the world, so it’s only logical that other conference organizers would try to replicate it.  FM-IFLT continues to base its goals and ideals on the original IFLT and relies on the collaboration of its founders, in addition to numerous other professionals who are unwaveringly dedicated to  equitable acquisition-driven instruction.


Being able to communicate in another language is a life-long benefit that should be available to ALL learners, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status or GPA. FM-IFLT is dedicated to helping teachers align their instructional approach(es) with the principles of SLA (second language acquisition) so they in turn, can help ALL learners develop proficiency in another language. FLUENCY MATTERS!




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