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There are many language teachers who would like and need training to be better prepared for the future of our profession.  However, there are too few trainers to prepare all of them.  This cohort will train you in how to explain ADI, how to demonstrate the skills necessary to implement it in their own classrooms, how to create a lesson plan appropriate for teachers beginning their ADI journey, and how to reach that audience.  You will also learn how to coach using the techniques developed by The Coaching Team© and implemented at IFLT.  


This cohort is by application only.  Complete the application here:  no later than APRIL 1, 2022.  You will be notified no later than APRIL 15.  Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a code to register at the Early Bird price of $399.


This is for experienced and experts in ADI.  You must teach and preach all things Acquisition in the classroom.  You must come into this cohort prepared in the basics of Stephen Krashen’s hypotheses and the experience from your own classroom.  Your application must show this level of knowledge.


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