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Knowing that when learning a new skill or technique, 90% of learners will transfer a new skill into their practice as a result of theory, demonstration, practice, and . . . feedback during the training–when it is followed up with job-embedded coaching.(Joyce & Showers, 1987) 


The unique design of training at IFLT will give you the theories behind Acquisition Driven Instruction (ADI), so that once you know why and how it works, you will be able to apply it to your own teaching and create new content that is tailor-made for you and your students.


Our Language Camps for students and adults, taught by highly experienced master teachers, demonstrate ADI.  These demos can inform your own practice, give you a chance to see how effective these techniques are, and perhaps help you improve your own language skills.


Our Cohort Teams are comprised of highly experienced trainers and coaches who will be with you every step of the way.   There will be time for coaching, where you will get to practice a new skill or one that you want to improve upon.  The coaches are skilled in giving useful, positive feedback on what they observe, but also to give “feed-forward,” giving guidance of how to grow and improve.




What is a cohort?  And why do I need to know?


Your cohort is your community, your home for the week of IFLT.  When you register for the conference, you will make your cohort selection based on what you felt was your level of understanding and expertise in Acquisition Driven Instruction (ADI).  The cohort teams will have prepared for you a week’s worth of skill training, collaboration and coaching to fit the descriptions of those cohorts.  The content has been personalized to your level, but not necessarily individualized personalization to you and your distinct needs.


THEN. . . enter the coaching and collaboration time.  Here you will be in much smaller groups, with one or two coaches who will continue to support your more specific questions, concerns and specifics needed for growth through the week.


During collab time each day you will have a chance to ask questions.  And if that still doesn’t get to your personalized needs, there will be an Open Coaching room every morning, from  (8:30-11:50).  Members of the coaching team will be there waiting to help you—work on skills, answer questions, give guidance.  You could have one-on-one time with your coach (arrange ahead of time) or with another member of the Coaching Team.


Here’s what to expect each day during Cohort time:


·        Training time—the Cohort Team will demonstrate and explain an aspect of ADI.

·        Collab/debrief time—in smaller groups the Team Coaches will answer questions, give guidance about how to navigate the conference, and take care of the group’s needs

·        Small Group training time—the team will deconstruct what you saw in the large group session

·        Small Group Coaching time—the team will offer guided practice of those skills you saw (and other skills that you choose)


Since each cohort is designed to build through the week, is a community, and is individualized to a specific level, we ask that you stay in your chosen cohort and not hop around all week.  




What is Coaching?


Coaching is the place for practitioners of ADI to find their own strengths.  It’s also a time and place for teachers at every level of their journey to get questions answered in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way and to walk away empowered to carry-on in their own classrooms.


For those of you who will be attending IN-PERSON, the coaching will be face-to-face.  For those of you attending VIRTUALLY, you will still receive the same support, same positive growth suggestions, same coaching magic—through Zoom.


Coaches are your support team, your mentors and your friends.  Depend on them through the week to guide your training.  Though it may seem very intimidating and scary, if you take a leap of faith, you will find this experience to be one of the best things to help you succeed in teaching with Acquisition Driven Instruction.




“The coaching team is so important for any conference. We support the foundation that the presenters are building. We calm the frayed nerves. We allow participants to process at their own paces. We help them answer the question: “How do I . . .?” We are the glue that helps them bind great strategies to personal application. I am so excited to work with some different coaches who come with ideas and approaches.”  Teri Wiechart, Coaching Coordinator




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