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The Virtual Conference

As we explore new ways to deliver quality professional development in 2022, we are offering a  LIMITED VIRTUAL CONFERENCE experience to see if this could be a viable option for future IFLT Conferences.  We are offering a limited cohort offering, so as not to take on more than we can handle–running a full In-Person conference AND a virtual one.


VIRTUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE:  For Beginners and Advanced Beginners.  If you are new to Acquisition Driven Instruction or are still building your expertise, we are offering an online Training Cohort for you.  You will have an online Team, dedicated to your training.  The team will consist of trainers and coaches, all there to help you gain the knowledge to take this back to your classroom.  In addition to your team, you will have featured presentations, language demonstrations and more–all on zoom and all just for your group.


If you are an INTERMEDIATE we will have a special Coaching and Collaboration group just for your needs.


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