iFLT 2022 Administrative Team

Wiechart, Teri

Teri Wiechart

Director, IFLT 2022

Teri Wiechart is the Director and Program Coordinator for iFLT. 

She retired from 35 years of teaching high school French. During her retirement, she has been working as a consultant to the Ohio Department of Ed., and consultant with schools working to implement new ways of teaching World Languages. She has been a TPRS/CI trainer and coach, and coaching trainer and coordinator since 2001 — at the National TPRS Conference, 2007-2015; IFLT 2010-2022; Agen, France CI Conference 2013-2019, and regional professional development in Ohio. She has been the President of the Ohio Foreign Language Association and is currently the Membership Chair and a Conference Committee member.  She received the OFLA Disguised Career Award in 2018; and the IFLT Service Award in 2018.  She is passionate about helping teachers become more effective in teaching languages and works to find better and better ways to train and prepare teachers in Acquisition Driven Instruction.

Michelle Kindt 3

Michelle Kindt

Co-Director, IFLT 2022

Michelle Kindt has over 20 years of teaching experience at both the middle and high school levels in public education.  A National Board Certified teacher, Michelle currently works as a French teacher at Sharon Middle School, Sharon, MA.  Michelle has had the privilege of developing the curriculum for the high school French program.  Michelle works with language teachers all over the country touting the message of Comprehensible Input (CI) and its significance to language acquisition and happy classrooms!  As a teacher-trainer and coach, Michelle regularly works with small cohorts of teachers over the course of each school year, introducing the cohort members to CI strategies and facilitating its use in their classrooms.  In addition to regional, state and local venues Michelle has had the opportunity to present Comprehensible Input theories and strategies at national conferences, such as IFLT, NTPRS & ACTFL.  She has worked with other school districts to develop curriculum and train teachers.  She very much enjoys working with World Language teachers, encouraging them to teach for proficiency outcomes via acquisition-driven language instruction.  Michelle believes that working with the right CI coach will make all the difference in using CI in your classroom!

In November, 2021, Michelle received her an Education Doctorate (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership from Immaculata University.

Erica Peplinski

Erica Burge

Local Arrangements Chair

Erica Burge, an Ann Arbor Public School elementary Spanish teacher, has taught every grade from Kindergarten to 8th grade. She is in her 17th year in the classroom, and enjoys developing elementary Comprehensible Input curriculum; and exploring the connection between neuroscience and language acquisition.   In addition to presenting at Austin Community College, Central States ACTFL, MIWLA ,Express Fluency, Fluency Fast, Teacher’s Discovery, IFLT and in school districts across the country; Erica helps organize and presents at MittenCi and CiMidwest. Erica was also the MIWLA 2020 Teacher of the Year and enjoys helping develop elementary language curriculum.  Learn about her elementary approach to Comprehensible Input and access many resources by visiting her website.

Gregones Beth

Beth Gregones

Local Arrangements Chair

Beth Gregones has been teaching Spanish at Saline Area Schools since 2000.  She loves learning new strategies to bring her students Acquisition Driven Instruction and has attended IFLT Denver, Express Fluency, and Comprehended! and the World Language Proficieny Project’s Summer Institutes.  When Beth isn’t teaching and learning, she loves camping, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Hanlon Beth

Beth Hanlon

Virtual Conference Tech Director

Beth Hanlon has been teaching Spanish in northeast Ohio for 19 years.  She currently teaches Spanish 1-4 at Oberlin High School.  After attending the iFLT conference in Cincinnati, she and her department made the move to CI without looking back!  She attended the conference again in St. Petersburg and then helped as a Zoom facilitator during the 2021 conference.  She has presented on CI at the Ohio Foreign Language Association’s annual conference, the the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, and during local workshops.  She is excited to be part of the 2022 conference team again in this tech role!

Gaudet, Pegi

Pegi Gaudet

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant Pegi Gaudet is a retired Physical Therapist who has been part of IFLT since 2018 and “assisting” Teri Wiechart for what seems to be her entire life.

Flores Girnus Cristina

Cristina Flores-Girnus

Marketing Manager

Wayside Publishing

Cristina Flores-Girnus is the Marketing Manager for Wayside Publishing. Born and raised in Venezuela, she has also lived and studied in Italy, Germany, and the US. Cristina is passionate about language learning as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. She is a creative and innovative global marketer and brand communicator with 15+ years of experience. With her multicultural and multilingual background and approach to work, she delights in bringing together the worlds of marketing and language acquisition.

Screen Shot 2022 03 11 at 1.04.05 PM

Lucia Igani

Conference & Events Coordinator

Wayside Publishing

Lucia Igani is the conference and event planner for Wayside Publishing. She manages all aspects of virtual and in-person conferences. She has a passion for creating outstanding events and has over 15 years of professional experience in event planning and marketing. She believes strongly in the importance of teaching world languages. This will be her first year working with the FM-IFLT conference team.

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