iFLT 2022 Language Lab Teachers

Crosby e1509383779796

Skip Crosby

Middle School Beginning Spanish

Skip Crosby has been teaching Spanish in Maine public high schools for 29  years. Skip gained proficiency in the Spanish language during a two year stay in Colombia after college.   In 1998 he earned a Masters Degree in Spanish from MIddlebury College in Vermont. He has taught as an adjunct at the college level for nine years.   In 2014 Skip was named Maine Foreign Language Teacher of the year, Northeast Conference on the teaching of Foreign Language Teacher of the Year Finalist,  Androscoggin County Teacher of the year and in 2015 was the Maine Teacher of the Year, Finalist. Skip earned National Board Certification (NBCT) in 2018. For the past six years Skip has taken groups of students to Guatemala City to work with Safe Passage, an organization dedicated to helping the families working in the Guatemala City dump with education, food and medical care.  Skip lives in Poland, Maine with Beth, his wife of 28 years, his 19-year old son, Gabe, and Lexi, the 9.25 pound Mini Dachshund.

Lu Haiyun

Haiyun Lu

Beginning Mandarin

Haiyun Lu has been an educator since 1993. She is also a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher from Brown University. She is passionate about employing storytelling in her classes and implementing mindfulness in education. She was a mindfulness coach for her school’s track and field team and the volleyball team. She has been training and coaching language teachers with “teaching with comprehensible input-based instruction” throughout North America and Asia. She is the co-founder of the Comprehensible Midwest Conference, Learn Together Academy and Ignite Chinese. She is a columnist for Intrepid Ed News.  She is a blogger and writer; she has written 16 storybooks in Mandarin. When she is not teaching, she likes to hike, meditate, drink tea with friends, enjoy a good meal with family and play games with her son.

Sabrina Sebban Janczak e1499701982390

Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

Advanced French for French Teachers and Speakers

Sabrina Sebban-Janczak is a Master teacher who currently teaches French for Denver Public Schools, as well as at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Sabrina was nominated Colorado Teacher of the Year 2016-2017.  Sabrina regularly presents at national and international conferences on various topics related to teaching using Comprehensible Input. A Teacher Leader who coaches, mentors and trains World Language teachers, she also edits and writes graded readers, teacher guides, curricula, as well as the Denver Public School World Language Assessments.  She has also recorded audio books for language learners.  Her passion and commitment to teaching and acquiring foreign languages continues to be a driving force in her life.


Her class Advanced French for Non-Native French Teachers and Learners will be held virtually and is available to anyone aged 18-100+.  It’s possible to attend the conference and take this class, too.

Williamson Annabelle

Annabelle Williamson

La Maestra Loca

Elementary Spanish

Annabelle Williamson was christened “La Maestra Loca” by her students long ago, but what she is really crazy about is building a positive, inclusive, success-oriented language community that promotes equity and feels JOYFUL. Annabelle’s love of students, people, languages, and of life is contagious. Her deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of teaching for communicative competence will leave you eager and inspired to return to your classroom and start implementing her strategies for equitable engagement! She’s the founder of La Familia Loca PLC, where she helps develop and enhance WL educator’s skills in facilitating language acquisition within a positive and supportive community, unlocking unprecedented JOY for both the teacher members and their students! She’s currently in her 11th year as an educator, teaching Middle School Spanish (5th-8th grade) in New Orleans at Bricolage Academy. Annabelle has her Masters in Education with an emphasis in linguistically and culturally diverse education.

Yedinak Marta

Marta Ruiz Yedinak

Intermediate High School Spanish

Marta Ruiz Yedinak is a dynamic National Board Certified Spanish teacher, Kohl Fellow, WAFLT New Teacher Award recipient, workshop presenter, and author. Marta was born and raised in México, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Latina de América. She has a Masters in Education through Viterbo University and has been teaching Spanish in Wisconsin since 2004, achieving extraordinary success in building linguistic fluency among her students. She enjoys sharing acquisition-driven strategies with other language teachers by presenting regularly at regional and national language conferences. Marta is a co-director of the Comprehensible Midwest Conference, and produces ¡Cuéntame!, a podcast for Spanish acquisition for beginner-intermediate levels.

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