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TPRS Publishing offers a wide variety of compelling leveled readers to bridge the gap from novice-level reads to authentic texts. Visit tprstorytelling.com for information about our materials and our cutting-edge teacher training.


The Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures works to support and advance the teaching of world languages and cultures. MCTLC


Language & Friendship: Our name says it all! We provide language-focused programs abroad and hosting in the USA, building friendships around the world.


Command Performance Language Institute. Publishing novellas in 7 languages, the 7th edition of Fluency Through TPRS, and classical TPR works in 7 languages by Berty Segal and Contee Seely.

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Skyview Middle School Spanish Club sells Velasquez Family Coffee to fundraise for activities and field trips. VFC is a high quality coffee grown by family and friends in the mountains of Comayagua in Honduras. It is shade grown, hand picked, sun dried and fair trade.


Boulanger Pottery explores the convergence of language acquisition and the arts. Handmade, functional, wood-fired pottery for your table. Summer pottery camps for youth in Spanish and English.


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